Filling out the Police Form

Step-by-step manual for Filling out the Police Form

Here are some of the necessary things to take into consideration before starting to fill out the Police Form. You will also find a step-by-step guide on how to fill it out.

Documents to collect ahead of time:

  1. SCHOOL CERTIFICATE: You will need a School Certificate from us, which you have to upload. We will provide that for you after your tuition has been paid. This is a legal requirement. Please note, that it will take 2-3 days for the money to arrive to the school’s bank account, and for us to prepare the school certificate as well.

  3. FLIGHT TICKETS: You have to book a flight to Budapest, and you will have to upload the flight ticket as well.

  5. PASSPORT/VISA: A scan of your passport will be needed. If you need a VISA to enter Hungary, you should attach the scan of the visa page from your passport as well.

  7. ADDRESS and PROOF OF RESIDENCE: You will have to provide a Hungarian address for the place where you will be staying if you need to quarantine. If you have your own Hungarian address already, the lease for the flat/residence will need to be uploaded. If you do not have an apartment yet, you can book a Hotel, and use the Hotel booking info as your proof of residence. Furthermore, if you do not have an address in Hungary, as naturally many new students coming from abroad do not, we have arranged for any such student who must quarantine to do so at the Star City Hotel or Baross City Hotel, a three-star hotel a block from the university with which McDaniel has been working with for years. If you think that you will need to quarantine there, then please contact the hotel ( ) as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you do not have an address in Hungary, as naturally many new students coming from abroad do not, we have arranged for any such student who must quarantine.Please contact our Housing Service:

    Aranka Pálfi

    0036 30 683 0885

    If you have all of these, you can start filling out the form.

Further notes:

Timing is important: You will only have 30 minutes to fill out the form and attach everything, so please prepare the documents beforehand so you can save some time.

Purpose of entering statement: There is a section of the form (we will indicate where below) where you have to explain your purpose in entering Hungary. Please prepare a brief statement in advance that you can cut and paste into the description. This should contain some basic information something like this:

Returning students: “I am a X semester student at McDaniel College Budapest, majoring in (add the name of your major) expected to graduate [date]. I have been at the school for (X semesters), and taking classes in [subject, subject].

New Student: „I am an incoming student beginning my studies at McDaniel College Budapest, majoring in (add the name of your major) expected to graduate [date]. I will be taking classes in [subject].

New Student for Pre Med Track:: „I am an incoming student beginning my studies at McDaniel College Budapest at Pre Medical Track in 2020-2021. My classes begin on 5th October, 2020. After Pre-Med Track I would like to continue my studies (goals). I am looking forward to my time in Budapest studying at McDaniel.

Single PDF: As noted above, you will have to attach the flight ticket, the school certificate, your passport, the VISA page if you need it to enter, the Housing lease or the Hotel booking. Unfortunately the website only allows you to upload one single attachment. Before you start the process, we strongly advise that you merge every document listed above into one single pdf file. In this way, you can attach all the documents needed for the form with one PDF.

Starting the New Form

If you have everything ready, go to this website:
Here you will have to choose the ’Start a New Case’

On the next page you will have to choose the last option called ’Államhatáron történő beutazáshoz méltányossági kérelem’.

On the next page you have to choose the form called ’COVID 02’.

On the next page choose ‘digital’.

After a verification code you will arrive at the police form.

Page 1

On the first page of the form you will have to fill out your personal information and your contact information. There is one tricky part here. You have to choose the point of entry. You have to type ‘Liszt Ferenc’ and select ’Liszt Ferenc Nemzetközi Repülőtér’. Simply writing Budapest won’t work. You will have to clarify which Terminal will you arrive as well – check your flight info if it is Terminal 2A or Terminal 2B.

Page 2

On the next page you will have to fill out the basic information for the request. You will have to choose the following from the drop down menu:
’On behalf of relatives living in the household and himself/herself’

Although you are filling out the form for only yourself, this is the option you have to choose. Without this you cannot submit the form.

The next thing you have to choose is the purpose of entering, which in your case is studying, so please find this:

’Fulfillment of education or exam obligation on the basis of the student status, if this is certified by a certificate issued by the educational institution’
After this is the part where you have the ’Detailed request’, which is the short statement you prepared beforehand. Cut and paste it here.

You will have to add the date of entry, which is on your flight ticket, and the way of entry.

After this you will have to choose from a list what kind of documents are you uploading. You can check more than one, so please do with all of your documents.

Page 3

On the third page, got the ’Address of entering person’ you have to write your home address and your Hungarian one as well.
First, you have to select the country where you now live. Unfortunately, this list is only in Hungarian. If you don’t see your country’s name right away, please translate the name of your country into Hungarian, and then start to write it in the designated place.

The next thing is your nationality, which is also in Hungarian. If you don’t see yours listed, please translate this as well and search for it with Hungarian spelling.

Under ’Documents’, you have to choose Passport and add your passport number here.

The ’Place of Residence’ where you have to write your Hungarian address. If you do not have the special Hungarian characters like ü or é, just type the names without them, and the name will still be recognized.

After you write the zip code the first line will autofill itself. The tricky part here is the street name and type. For Public address, you have to write the street name for example: Bethlen Gábor. Type of Public address is the type of street like square, road etc. Unfortunately also in Hungarian. So if you are not sure, please translate that as well.

The translations of the most common ones:

köz – way
körút – avenue
tér – square
utca – street/road
út – avenue/boulevard

There are two short questions at the end of the page, which need to be answered.

’Does the place of quarantine differ from the place of residence?’ Yes, because your home address is not in Hungary.

Page 4

On the last page, under ’Identification Information’, you have to give your personal information, your nationality (in Hungarian), your passport number and Hungarian address again. If you do not have a maiden name, etc., just write your name in all of the fields asking for a name. Remember that everything has to be filled out in order for the form to be submitted.


Now you have to upload the merged document. The site will ask you a couple of times whether you are uploading anything or not.
If something is missing, or you forgot to fill out something there will be a reminder at the end of the page. Do not worry! You will not be able to submit the form unless you have filled everything out.

If you are finished, you can finalize the form and send it in!


After you send it in, you will receive an email containing the 4-page submitted form. They will contact you with a response via email, so it’s really important that you use an email address that you use and check frequently.