Art History & Studio Art

Major Description

The Studio Art/ Art History major provides students with the opportunity to develop their artistic and creative abilities while gaining a global perspective on the arts.

A critical approach to art in its social, historical, and cultural context complements students’ own creative work and process. Students learn to describe, analyze, and interpret the form and content of works of art, while examining the significant movements of Western art as well as the secular and sacred art of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. At the same time, students acquire an array of techniques for their own artistic self-expression, ranging from two and three-dimensional design, to computer graphics and web design, photography, painting, and sculpture. Classes are small and involve close work with our professors, and students benefit from a wealth of opportunities to view historic and contemporary art in a Budapest, a major European art center.

Job and Further Study Opportunities

Students completing the Studio Art and Art History major are equipped to continue their studies in well-known Masters of Fine Arts Programs, as well as Ph.D. programs in art history. They have entered the workplace as graphic and web designers, photographers and event organizers, able to bridge different visual cultures in the service of businesses, museums, schools, and marketing firms.

What you learn with Art History is the power of visuality, and it gives you extra skills in how you see the world.
Gabriella Szigethy
Gabriella Szigethy
Professor in Art History

Skills You Get


Artistic & Creative Abilities


Graphic & Web Design


Analyzing Works of Art




AHY 1113 History of Western Art I

Credits: 4
A survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture from 15,000 B.C. to 1400 A.D. Included are Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Medieval Art.

AHY 1114 History of Western Art II

Credits: 4
Continuation of the survey of History of Western Art I, 1400 to present. Emphasis is placed on the Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, and Modern periods.

AHY 2222 Art of the Medieval World

Credits: 4
A study of the Early Christian, Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic Arts in Europe. Social, Cultural and Historical Understanding.

AHY 2239 Romanticism and Impressionism

Credits: 4
A study of the major artists of the nineteenth century including David, Goya, Delacroix, Courbet, Manet, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh and Gauguin. Both European and American art are included.

AHY 2240 Twentieth-Century Art

Credits: 4
Painting and sculpture in Europe and America from 1900 to the present day. Emphasis is placed on emerging artistic trends.

AHY 2242 Art and Culture of Islam

Credits: 4
An investigation of the architecture, painting, and other arts of the Islamic world. Areas covered include the arts of Syria, Iran, Turkey, Medieval Spain, North Africa, Central Asia, and Moghul India.

AHY 2250 Traditional Native American Arts and Architecture

Credits: 4
An examination of the unique varieties of Native American cultures and the works of art and architecture that were created from ancient times to the twentieth century. While the course examines the arts from all the Americas, emphasis will be placed on the arts of the regions now referred to as the United States and Canada.

AHY 2298 Independent Studies in Art History

Credits: 0-4
Directed study planned and conducted with reference to the needs of those students who are candidates for departmental honors. Qualified students who are not candidates for such honors but who desire to do independent studies are also admitted with permission of the Department.

AHY 2301 The Art of the Baroque in Northern Europe

Credits: 4
This course examines the developments in architecture, sculpture, and painting in Northern Europe during the 17th century. It will examine the art of Germany, The Netherlands, Flanders, and France and the art of such masters as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Rubens, Poussin, De la Tour, as well as the palace at Versailles.

AHY 2302 Italian Renaissance Art

Credits: 4
This course examines the developments in architecture, painting, sculpture, and the minor arts of Italy between 1300 and 1600. Masters such as Brunelleschi, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Titian are analyzed and compared within the historical, religious, political, sociological, and cultural context of the time period.

AHY 3200 Writing in Art and Art History

Credits: 4
Studio Art is a creative discipline; Art History is a Humanities disapline, yet they are both paths to careers that require similar and overlapping writing skills. This course is designed to introduce the Junior level student to those skills through a variety of writing experiences, culminating in a group project that will model graduate level research. The course will focus on an academic art historical theme.

AHY 4492 Seminar in Art History - Capstone Seminar

Credits: 4
A major research project and presentation under the supervision of art historians.

ART 1101 Perceptual Drawing

Credits: 4
A studio course in drawing concentrates on developing an understanding of perceptual drawing technique that emphasizes proportion and spatial conventions. Compositional skills are developed, and different mediums are explored. Students develop creative problem solving skills by investigating complex still life arrangements.

ART 1117 Design

Credits: 4
An introductory investigation of two-dimensional design principles involving the elements of art in solving visual problems. Issues of consumerism and the development of a personal portfolio in a variety of media are stressed.

ART 2210 Digital Photography

Credits: 4
No prior knowledge of Photoshop is required. This course will require a digital camera. This course explores the frontiers of digital photography. Students will be photographing their assignments with their own digital camera. The course will extensively use the computer for manipulation of the images in Photoshop and printing.

ART 2216 Graphic Design I.

Credits: 4 Prerequisites ART 1101 and 1117.
A studio activity stressing the importance of the imaginative and creative talents of the artist in today's commercial art world.

ART 2295 Internship in Studio Art

Credits: 0-4
Supervised field experiences in appropriate settings, usually off-campus, designed to assist students in acquiring and using skills and knowledge of the discipline unique to the selected topic.

ART 2298 Independent Studies in Studio Art

Credits: 0-4
Directed study planned and conducted with reference to the needs of those students who are candidates for departmental honors. Qualified students who are not candidates for such honors but who desire to do independent studies are also admitted with permission of the Department.

ART 3307 Web Design

Credits: 4
This course teaches Website creation, interface design, user experience, and work flow/project management. Students will focus on the basics of optimizing graphics for the Web and assembling and managing a Website. Emphasis is on both design and technical skills.

ART 3310 Watercolor

Credits: 4
Experimentation with at least ten different techniques of watercolor painting.

ART 3313 Painting

Credits: 4
An introductory course in oil painting with emphasis on realistic or recognizable objects. The mixing and application of paint to the painting surface and at least five painting techniques are studied.

ART 3318 Graphic Design II.

Credits: 4 Prerequisites ART 2216.
A studio course dealing with the technical realm of advertising graphics, illustration, and informative and promotional art. Field trips to a variety of art agencies are included.

ART 4490 Portfolio Preparation

Credits: 4
Designed to aid the student in the creation of a professional portfolio. Students will select, prepare, light, photograph, and scan their art work. There will be instruction on digital versions, both on-line and on CD’s and DVD’s.

ART 4492 Capstone: Senior Show Preparation

Credits: 1
This course will prepare the students for their Senior Exhibition and for entering the venue of exhibiting their work. Students will select, sequence, and prepare their art work for the show under the careful supervision of a faculty member. Work will be matted and/or framed to exhibition quality standards. Students will also be involved with the marketing aspect of showing their work and the preparation of an artist' s statement.