How to enter Hungary?

The rules for entering Hungary, and for obtaining a residence permit here, differ according to where you are from. There are three categories of countries to consider: EU/EEA members states, “visa free” countries, and countries with visa obligations. Remember that if you are required to obtain a visa, then you must allot adequate time to do so—the process can be lengthy, depending on where you are from, so be sure to give yourself adequate time.

Where to find housing?

The Housing Services Office of College International is located in Room 202 and is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. This office is charged with providing information to students throughout the semester about available housing—apartments, rooms to rent, etc.—within Budapest. If sometime during the semester you want or need to move, the staff will help you find another place by arranging appointments for you to see a flat. If needed, an English-speaking Hungarian student will be available to go with you to speak with the owner.

How to get to campus?

The campus of McDaniel College Budapest is in Budapest’s VII District, within easy reach of subway, bus, trolley, and train lines. The Budapest transportation authority has a route planner to help you with your travels. The address of the school is:

How to pay school fees?

Tuition costs are divided into two half-year billings, each due prior to registration for classes at the beginning of the semester. The exact fee depends on your year and your eligibility for our tuition reduction program. Payment can be made by bank transfer in EUR to the bank account of McDaniel College Budapest or by cash payment in person at any MBH Bank branch office.

Important Changes in Payment!

Account name: College International
Account (IBAN) number: HU03-1030-0002-2032-4720-4882-0026
Bank name: MBH Bank
Bank address: H-1056 Budapest, Váci u. 38, Hungary
Swift/BIC code: MKKBHUHB

Note: The transfer sheet should include the name of the student as it is recorded in the passport and the remark “McDaniel.” Personal checks and money orders are not accepted. Please note that commission charges should be paid by the student and that the above mentioned net amounts should arrive at the McDaniel account.

How to choose a major?

The sine qua non of the American higher education system is flexibility. Although you can declare a major when you are admitted to McDaniel College and many students do, you are not required to do so immediately. You have up to two years to gain familiarity with different major programs, and then make up your mind. That said, you will need ultimately to make that decision. Here are some pointers for doing so.

  • Aim for your passion. Choose a major that will keep you engrossed and encourage your highest performance, from one course to the next. Your major will not necessarily determine your career, but your academic record and sense of achievement will expand or limit your options.
  • Talk to your professors and fellow students. Schedule an appointment with a professor from the major and ask questions. Have a look at textbooks in the major to get a feeling for the subject matter covered in the field.
  • Don’t panic. McDaniel College permits you to change majors if you discover you are not in the right one. It also allows you to minor in subjects of interest outside your major, or to double major if you find yourself with multiple academic passions.
  • Build your skills. Your major will not necessarily determine your career or life path, but the skills you acquire in the process of completing your major can be of great importance. Therefore, be attentive to both the practical skills (for example, graphic design for the art major, or proofreading for the communication major) and the general skills (information literacy, critical thinking) you are gaining, and improve them to the greatest degree possible, regardless of your major.
  • Be aware of graduate school rules. If your aim is, for example, to enter a law program after graduation, you should make note of the majors recommended by law programs.

How to choose courses?

Your first semester here, you choose courses the Friday before classes begin, with either the Director of Administrative Affairs or the Director of Academic Affairs. For all subsequent semesters, you will sit down with your appointed academic advisor (your advisor depends on your major), and choose courses—for Spring courses, this meeting takes place the previous November, for Fall courses, this meeting takes place the previous April.

When choosing courses, it is best to aim for a balance between major courses and courses that fulfill general education requirements.

How to meet people?

Upon your arrival in Budapest, you will find many chances to meet people, most especially, of course, other students. Here are some examples.

  • At Convocation. We kick off every academic year by welcoming the President of McDaniel College, Dr. Julia Jasken, to Budapest; Dr. Jasken gives a rousing speech at our Convocation ceremony, followed by a boat trip on which dinner is served, and you have the chance to meet the rest of students and faculty.
  • Playing football/basketball. On Friday afternoon, football (meaning to Americans, soccer) and basketball games are organized at the gymnasium facility across the street. The games are co-ed and all students are welcome to join in.
  • The Messenger. The Messenger is the student newspaper paper of McDaniel College Budapest. Its staff meets once a week to discuss story ideas and plan ahead. Join the staff, work with other students, and find out what’s going on in Budapest.
  • In the Student Union. McDaniel Campus Budapest students encourage participation in campus community life and carry on a dialogue with the campus administration via the Student Union. Student Union meetings are open to all students, and the Student Union is most responsible for planning social and academic semester activities.
  • Open Forums. Each semester, a number of extracurricular activities, on and off campus, are organized, and open to all students and faculty members. These Open Forums include guest lectures, film screenings, city walks, hikes in the countryside, and other events.

Where to eat lunch?

Once you’re started at McDaniel College Budapest, you’ll need to refuel during the lunchbreak (11:45am-12:30pm) with something to eat. Some students bring a lunch, and heat it in a microwave provided for the students. Others look to buy lunch at a number of locations:

A variety of foods and snacks are available in the cafeteria, which is located in the basement. The cafeteria opens at 8:30 a.m., at which time service includes sandwiches, pastries, and hot and cold drinks. Hot dishes are served from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.   The cafeteria closes at 4 p.m, Monday-Thursday, and 12pm, Friday.

Another option is provided by the cafeteria of the Veterinary University, which is cadder corner to the McDaniel campus. Building four houses the cafeteria (the same building in which the basketball gymnasium is found), and it offers hearty Hungarian options at good prices.

In the neighborhood, you will find other options on Bethlen Gábor utca, Istvan utca, and Nefelejcs utca.


Public transport

Budapest has a comprehensive and excellent value public transport system that reaches even the remotest corners of the city with regular frequency whether by underground, suburban trains, trams, buses or trolley buses. The city’s fourth metro line (M4) opened in spring 2014 and it can be accessed very close to McDaniel College Budapest, as can the M2 line, both at Keleti Station, which is also the Budapest’s main train station.

Click on the following link to plan your route: BKK Futar.