Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell me about the school!

We are the Hungarian campus of an American Liberal Arts College. See The College and Student Life to learn more about us.

How do I apply?

You have to fill in the application form, attach certain, required documents, and send them to us. Please see: Application overview for more information.

Can I apply after the deadline?

Yes, you can. However, if you are accepted, your eligibility to study in Hungary might depend on your visa status, depending on your country of origin, meaning that the start of your studies might be delayed. Visa information

How much does it cost?

First year tuition fee is 7200 euros for two semesters. See details about tuition Fees and Expenses and living costs Costs in Budapest.

What is the application deadline?

August 15th for the autumn semester, but late applications can be accepted under some circumstances. See Application Dates for more info.

Do I have to take a math test as well? If yes, when and how do I get the information about the exact place and time?

The math placement exam takes place the week before classes begin; alll new students should take it in order to determine which courses they are eligible for.

Is a reduced rate/allowance available regarding the tuition fee?

Yes, depending on your high school and standardized test results, as well as your academic performance once at McDaniel Budapest. See our Tuition Reduction Program explainer for more information.

I would like to pursue my studies in the States. Is it an option for me?

Yes. All McDaniel College Budapest students are eligible to study on McDaniel’s main campus in Westminster, Maryland if they 1) maintain at least a 2.0 overall and major grade point average, and 2) in the case of students from non-English speaking countries, pass the TOEFL test requirement.

Will I receive a Hungarian or an American degree upon concluding my studies? Will it be accredited/accepted in Hungary?

The McDaniel College diploma is an American Bachelor of Arts degree; for the purposes of employment and admission to graduate programs, it has been recognized around the world.

How do I apply for an official transcript?

Official transcripts are used by the Registrar’s Office on the main campus in Westminster, Maryland. You can order them here: Transcript Request Form.