Steps for leaving quarantine

Steps for leaving quarantine

Here are some of the necessary things to take into consideration before starting to fill out the Police Form. You will also find a step-by-step guide on how to fill it out.

Timing is important: You will only have 30 minutes to fill out the form and attach everything, so please prepare the documents beforehand so you can conserve time and work as efficiently as possible.

Single PDF: You will have to attach the two negative test results and the document you received from the police upon entering Hungary. Unfortunately the website only allows you to upload one single attachment. Therefore, before you start the process, we strongly advise you to merge every document listed above into a single pdf file. In this way, you can attach all the documents needed for the form with one PDF.

Starting the New Form:


Once you have everything ready, go to this website:

Here you will have to choose the ’Start a New Case’


On the next page you will have to choose the last option called ’Járványügyi intézkedésekkel kapcsolatos beadványok’.


On the next page you will have to choose the second option called ’Határátlépéshez kapcsolódó PCR negatív tesztek eredményéről tájékoztatás megküldése’.


On the next page you have to choose the form called ’COVID 08’.

On the next page choose ‘digital’.

After a verification code you will arrive at the police form.

Page 1

On the first page of the form you will have to fill out your personal information and your contact information.

Please note that they will contact you via email, so it’s really important that you use an email address that you use and check frequently.

Page 2

On the next page you will have to fill out your address, the place where you will be quarantining.

You will see that you cannot write on the top part. It will autofill itself as you are writing your address under it.

After you write the zip code the first line will autofill itself. The tricky part here is the street name and type. For Public address, you have to write the street name for example: Bethlen Gábor. Type of Public address is the type of street like square, road etc. Unfortunately also in Hungarian. So if you are not sure, please translate that as well.

The translations of the most common ones:

köz – way
körút – avenue
tér – square
utca – street/road
út – avenue/boulevard

Upon entering Hungary, for example at the airport, the police will give you an official document to quarantine. It has the reference number on it, and you have to write that here. Also you should attach this document with the test results as well.

On the last part of the form, you have to fill out information about your test: when and where it was taken etc.


Now you have to upload the merged document. The site will ask you a couple of times whether you are uploading anything or not.

If something is missing, or you forgot to fill out something, then do know that there will be a reminder at the end of the page. Do not worry! You will not be able to submit the form unless you have filled everything out.
If you are finished, you can finalize the form and send it in.


After you send it in, you will receive an email containing the submitted form.

They will contact you with a response via email, so it’s really important that you use an email address that you use and check frequently.