What you need to apply for a new residence permit

  • copy of your passport – All pages where there is a stamp or note (no need to copy empty pages)
  • student status certificate (issued by McDaniel College Budapest)
  • bank account statement – The account owner should be you (the student) or the parent. If it is the parent, a declaration from the owner of the bank account stating that the student is authorized to use funds from the account is required. There must be enough money on the account to cover the living costs in Hungary and regular payments or income must be received to the account.
  • accommodation reporting form (signed by landlord or real estate company as well)
  • health insurance (If you do not have one, you can purchase it at the College. Please see Ms.Erika Gergely in room 213.)


What you need to extend your residence permit

  • in addition to all of the above , you will have to submit a transcript of your academic results
  • if the address of your accommodation has changed, or the address card is lost, you must report it to the immigration office
  • if the address of your accommodation has not changed, do not start a new ’case’ for the accommodation


Step-by-step guide-how to start

  • Create your account / register as a private person on the website of the NATIONAL DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR ALIENS POLICING: https://enterhungary.gov.hu/eh/?en
  • Follow the instructions in this document.
  • Select ’residence permit’ – then ’study or study mobility’
    • choose either application for a new residence permit or extension
    • the fee for the initial residence permit (online) is 24,000 HUF paid by card
    • the fee for an extension (online) is 23,000 HUF
    • in case the application is rejected, the fee for an appeal is 47,000 HUF
    • students from Ukraine and Belarus are exempt from fee payment
    • for an extension you must submit your application 32 days before your residence permit expires (the 30 days are counted from the time they start the process – that is why you have to submit your documents earlier)
    • if you miss the deadline, you cannot apply for an extension within the last 30 days. Instead, you must apply for a new residence permit – in this case you need to explain why you missed the deadline
  • Provide your data – please note that the residence permit can be given for a maximum of two years.
  • Indicate the purpose of your stay-study.
  • Upload the required documents as listed above
  • Submit your documents.
    • If anything is missing, the office will notify you within 24 hours (You need to check this site and your emails regularly)
    • Please wait for notification. You should only go to the office only after you are requested to go there in person. (You have to go there once to have your biometrical data taken)
    • website: https://enterhungary.gov.hu/eh/?en