Entering Hungary and COVID info


All new students coming to Hungary must fill out a Police Entry Permission in order to enter the country. This must be done at least a week prior to arrival. Please contact Zsuzsi Elekes (zselekes@mcdaniel.hu.) in due time before you travel for a School Certificate to upload to the police permit application. The only exception to this requirement is if you already have a valid student residence permit.

The Police Entry Permission site can be found here. For a guide to how to fill out the form, click here.

Please note that it usually takes two working days to receive a response granting permission from the Hungarian authorities.


A 10-day quarantine is mandatory for anyone entering Hungary.


  • If you have documented proof of vaccination. For EU citizens, this means the EU Covid vaccination card. For other nationals, if you come from a country with which Hungary has signed an agreement to accept one another’s immunity certificates, you do not have to quarantine as long as you present your vaccination certificate when you cross the border. The current list of countries can be found here: https://konzuliszolgalat.kormany.hu/utazas-a-vedettsegi-igazolvannyal
  • If you come from a country with which Hungary has no agreement yet, you are exempt from the quarantine only if you have in your possession an official document that you have had the COVID disease in the six months prior to entering Hungary.


  • If you come from a country with which Hungary has no agreement yet–even if you have been vaccinated in your country–you will have to submit to quarantine in Hungary. This quarantine can be ended with two negative PCR tests taken 48 hours apart. If you are from the Schengen zone, the USA, Canada, or Croatia, one test can be taken at home and the other in Hungary. For all other countries, both tests must take place in Hungary.

For the PCR tests:

  1. You can get your first test at Budapest airport.
  2. Book an appointment here

  3. We can help you with testing. Please contact Adriána Márton for more information.

If you are leaving your place of quarantine in order to get a PCR test, then you must first fill out a Police Permission Form. This can be completed online here. For a guide to how to fill out the form, click here.

Once you have received your second negative test, you need to fill out a different Police Permission Form to officially leave quarantine. This, too, can be completed online here. For a guide to how to fill out the form, click here.


If you are a student entering Hungary and you have not yet completed vaccination against Covid, then do know that it is possible to register for vaccination.


  • First, you must complete the process of obtaining a residence permit. (For more information on applying for a residence permit, please click here. Once you have a Residence Permit number, then you can proceed with the vaccination process.
  • Once you have your Residence Permit number, then please go to the Hungarian vaccination registration website: https://vakcinainfo.gov.hu/registration
  • When you fill out your personal information, please use the Residence Permit number in place of the so-called “TAJ” number (the Hungarian health care system number).
  • You should then wait for a confirmation email. This usually takes 5-7 days.
  • In the confirmation email, you will receive the PID number and with that you can book a vaccination appointment thereby indicating the vaccine, date and place here: https://www.eeszt.gov.hu/hu/covid-vaccination-booking
  • Once you received your first dose you can apply for an Immunity Certificate at a government service point (Kormányablak) Search here for the service point closest to you: https://kormanyablak.hu/hu/kormanyablakok/budapest/1

If you are an EU/EEA citizen and wish to complete vaccination, you need to have your Residence Card for EU/EEA Third-Country Nationals. For more information about this card, please go here.

We strongly encourage you to make arrangements to arrive in Hungary as early as possible in order to give yourself as much time as possible to be vaccinated before classes start.

Second dose of vaccination in Hungary:

If you have received the first dose of a two-dose vaccination and still need to get the second, do know that this is possible.


  • Send an email to hszoltas@pest.gov.hu with the scanned version of the first dose vaccination paper as well as your personal information (Date of Birth, Residence permit number, ID number, Passport number etc.)
  • Via email they will send the date and place of the second dose vaccination.