Average Tuition in the US*


Special Tuition



McDaniel Standard Tuition


* National Center for Educational Statistics, Tuition Costs of Colleges and Universities [https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=76]

** Actual dollar cost of tuition fluctuates according to the euro-dollar exchange rate. Semester tuition for students transferring from Budapest is set at 3,900 euros. (Students will be expected to pay the current US dollar equivalent of 3,900 euros.) Semester tuition for non-Budapest Campus students is set at 20,900 euros.

Room (double occupancy)1 USD 2,550
Board (14 meals a week)2 USD 3000
Student Health Insurance USD 900
Matriculation fee3 USD 400
Resident Security Deposit4 USD 250
Expected Family Contribution USD 14,845


 1 Freshman, sophomore (2nd-year) and junior (3rd-year) students are normally required to reside on campus unless they are married. Students of McDaniel College Budapest may choose to live off-campus but they are expected to make individual arrangements for finding an apartment in the neighborhood of the college. Transfer students are advised to reside on campus as it is the most convenient option. The amounts given are based on the rate of a standard double room in a traditional residence hall. The rates for apartment-type housing equipped with kitchen facilities (double occupancy) are higher (North Village – USD 2,235 per semester, Pennsylvania Avenue Houses – USD 2,235 per semester). The rate for single rooms is also higher.
 2 The College offers “block plans” of 150 to 240 meals per semester (an average of 10/16 meals per week) in order to provide maximum flexibility. Board is optional for students living in apartment-type housing or off-campus
 3 One-time fee to be paid when transferring to the main campus
 4 Required of students in campus housing. The unused balance of the deposit is returned when a student leaves campus housing


REMARK: A modest annual increase in tuition, room and board may be expected.