The To Do List for your application

To apply for admission to McDaniel College Budapest, complete an Application Form and enclose the documents listed below.

1. Personal essay (300 words minimum) This essay is aimed at helping us become more acquainted with you as an individual and a student. Write about your family background, your upbringing, your motivations in seeking admission into the degree program of McDaniel Europe in Budapest, your dreams, aspirations, career goals, and any topic or view that you would find important to share with us.

2. Photocopy or official transcript from your senior high school, a Certificate of Final Examination, a Diploma of Graduation, or other documents verifying that you have completed your secondary education and are qualified for entry into an institution of higher education;test scores of American college-bound exams (SAT, ACT) if you graduated from high school in the United States, and a certified and authentic English translation of all documents originally issued in languages other than English. If you graduate from high school in the same year when you apply for admission, you do not have to wait with the application until you receive your Certificate of Final Examination or Diploma of Graduation. These documents can be submitted later as a supplement to your application.

3. One Letter of Recommendation in English from the principal or instructors of the secondary school from which you graduated;

4. One passport-size photo;

5. Curriculum Vitae in English (attach as a separate page);

6. Photocopy of the page in your passport containing your personal data.