Admission evaluation

McDaniel Europe in Budapest welcomes applications for admission by students with appropriate academic qualifications, a good command of English and a strong motivation to study.

The most important formal criteria for admission are completion of secondary education and eligibility for entry into an institution of higher education according to the education laws of your home country or, in the case of graduating from international high schools, the requirements of the American or British educational system.

In the United States, the formal requirements for admission are a Diploma of Graduation from High School and adequate scores on one of the American college-bound exams (SAT or ACT)

If you graduated from an international high school following the British National Curriculum, the minimum requirement for entry into the McDaniel BA Program is adequate scores on GCSE exams in at least six subjects.

For applicants graduating from Hungarian high schools, the requirements are: completion of twelve years of general education and a Certificate of Final Examination (matriculation) in at least five subjects with adequate grades (“C” average)

The college will evaluate the potential academic success of each candidate by considering the following:

  • Secondary school courses and grades
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language
  • Personal essay
  • Results of the McDaniel entrance examination (where applicable)
  • Personal traits, goals, and motivation
  • Recommendations and evaluations by principals, counselors, and teachers
  • Participation in nonacademic activities
  • Aptitude and achievement tests.