Official documents you need to verify solvency for the time of the studies

You must verify that your family (sponsor) has funds to cover your expenses in the United States. The transfer procedure cannot start until you have submitted the following documents:

The Certification of Finances Form The purpose of submitting the Certification of Finances Form, giving the amount of the expected family/sponsor contribution for the semester on the main campus, is to verify that your family/sponsor has understood and is aware of the payment obligations.

bank statement verifying that the funds indicated on the Certification of Finances form are available. The bank statement shows that there are enough readily available funds to meet all expenses for your study abroad semester on the main campus. If you plan to transfer for the upper two years, you are expected to present proof of the availability of funds for at least one academic year (c. USD 26,500). If the bank statement is issued in a language other than English, it must be accompanied by an English translation!