Cost of the American Experience Semester

International students from the Budapest Campus are entitled to a 54 percent discount from the tuition fee. The other fees are standard charges for all students on the main campus. U.S. citizens who are degree students at the Budapest Campus should note that they are limited to two semesters of study at the home campus of the college at the discount rate for international students. If they already receive financial aid from U.S. federal sources, they should clarify the financial terms with Ms. Patricia Williams, Director of the Financial Aid Office on the main campus ( A precondition of eligibility for any financial aid, scholarship or discount is to satisfy the minimum academic requirements (to maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.0)

The following is a breakdown of the basic costs for one semester:

(The rates are for the academic year 2017/2018. A modest annual increase is possible for the next academic year)

Special Tuition fee (with the 54 percent discount) EUR 3,900 *
Room (double occupancy) USD 2,020**
Board (14 meals a week) USD 1,850***
Student health insurance USD 460****
Matriculation fee USD 400*****
Residence Security Deposit USD 250
  USD 13,230******
* McDaniel College grants a 54% discount from the tuition feel to all Budapest students who satisfy the basic academic requirements for transfer (the standard tuition fee for one semester is USD 17,390)
** You may choose to live off-campus, but in that case, you are expected to make individual arrangements for finding an apartment. It is recommended, however, that you live on campus for the study-abroad semester or at least for the first semester of your studies in Maryland. The amounts given above are based on the rate of a standard double room in a traditional residence hall. The rates for apartment-type housing, double occupancy, equipped with kitchen facilities are higher (North Village $2,905, Pennsylvania Avenue houses $2,375). The rates for single rooms range from $2,465 per semester (residence halls) to $ 3.235 per semester (apartment-type housing).
*** The college offers “block plans” of 150, 180, 210, or 240 meals per semester (an average of 11-16 meals per week) in order to provide maximum flexibility. Students living in the residence halls are required to take the 210 (14 meals a week – USD 1,850) or 240 meal plan. Board is optional for students living in apartment-type housing or off-campus
**** The annual student health insurance is billed on the first semester every year
***** The Matriculation fee is a one-time fee, which is required of all students, while Room Security Deposit is required of students in campus housing. The unused balance of the residence security deposit is returned when a student leaves campus housing
****** The actual amount will depend on the type of housing and meal plan that you choose. In addition, you should plan on an additional ca. $ 400 for textbooks.