McDaniel College Budapest believes that a student’s mental health is just as important as his/her physical well-being.  Adjusting to the demands of academic life and a new urban environment can be tressful. Talking with a professional counselor can help you find ways to manage academic pressures, personal problems, and cultural adjustments. This is especially so at present, when the Covid-19 situation has created new stresses and difficulties for everyone.

The College provides a counselor, Mr. Levente Somogyi, who is available on campus three hours a week. Mr. Somogyi has experience in multiple countries working with college students of diverse backgrounds and welcomes students who would like to discuss any of the issues mentioned above. His office hours and room number are available in weekly circulars and on the bulletin board. During the first hour of services offered, students can drop in; following this, they should make an appointment. All meetings and appointments are strictly confidential.

  1. Please find attached a PDF of information about maintaining good mental health during this period. All students should read and consider the important principles behind your mental and physical well-being.
  2. During this time, our mental health counselor, Levente Somogyi, remains available. Please do not hesitate to reach out to him. He is available online and by phone. He is maintaining both his regular Monday hours (2:00-5:00 pm) as well as irregular hours when need be. During this period especially, his counseling will be very valuable and he is flexibly ready to speak with all students.

Hours for the Fall 2020 semester will be announced later this month.

For emergencies, you can reach Levente Somogyi either by phone (+36-30-386-9898) or by









For more information about McDaniel’s counseling services, please see THIS PAGE