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Club room

The New Clubroom of McDaniel College

By Dominika Sipos The new club room has opened its door for all the students of McDaniel.   The Student Body Council (SAC) and volunteers have been […]

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A trip into the creative mind of cutting-edge artist Dávid Tripsánszki

Interview by Sylvia Czifra Dávid Tripsánszki, known as Tripo in the art world was born in 1988 in Budapest, Hungary. He spent his childhood in the […]

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Q & A: Dr. Thomas Falkner on McDaniel Europe

Hanna Barker What is the reasoning behind the decision to rebrand McDaniel Budapest as McDaniel Europe? In order to take fuller advantage of the extraordinary resource […]

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An interview with Professor Berne Weiss on her research project: The World without War

Kelechi Ajoku The Messenger: Good afternoon Professor Weiss. I’m Kelechi Ajoku from the school’s newspaper – The Messenger – and I would like to interview you […]

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