Neuralink: balancing promise with peril

By Walter Timothy In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the idea of merging human consciousness with machines has long been a subject of fascination. While the […]

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Attention! get your writing help before it’s too late

  By Kelly Cronin It is safe to say that every college student will have to write an essay at some point during their college career. […]

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Vending machines with facial recognition software discovered on student campus

By Dariia A Regan At the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, students discovered that new M&M’s vending machines secretly use facial recognition software that collects […]

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Decoding dreams: a college student’s guide to the unconscious

By Saide Almak Imagine this: you’re flying through the library’s book shelves, and textbooks are transforming into butterflies, flying with you, and that dreaded final exam […]

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Tortuga és Pohánka sourdough bakery: the lifecycle of a lactic acid bacterium

Tortuga és Pohánka sourdough bakery: the lifecycle of a lactic acid bacterium   By Elizabeth Fyfe     As a lactic acid bacterium, I start my day off […]

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The pychology of procrastination: understanding, consequences, and overcoming it

The psychology of Procrastination: understanding, consequences, and overcoming it  By Dominika Czibula    Procrastination is something that nearly everyone has grappled with at some point in […]

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The Psychology of Motivation: The Driving Force in Everyday Life

The Psychology of Motivation: The Driving Force in Everyday Life  By: Dominika Czibula   Introduction  Motivation is the fuel that drives human behavior and shapes our […]

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Nurturing mental health: a guide for students

Nurturing mental health: a guide for students By Dominika Czibula In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, the mental health of students has become a subject of […]

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The importance of mental health in schools and institutions of higher education

The importance of mental health in schools and institutions of higher education By Dominika Czibula In my previous article, I expressed why mental health awareness is […]

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Mental Health Awareness

Your illness does not define you, your strength and courage does By Dominika Czibula Mental health awareness is a critical aspect of our overall well-being, often […]

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Interviews with Graduating Students: Mária Fiala

    By Oliva Nickerson   For my final interview, I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with a Czech/Hungarian student who also happens […]

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Interviews with graduating students: Gabriella Luus

By Olivia Nickerson Gabriella or “Gabby” Luus is a 20-year-old South African and Hungarian student majoring in psychology. She was born in BedfordView, Johannesburg, South Africa. […]

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European policy expert gives a special lecture on Brexit and its impacts at McDaniel College

By Kristof Kocs Dr. Christina Griessler, an Austrian-born research associate for the Political Communication Network (netPOL) at Andrássy University Budapest, and a European integration policy expert, […]

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Interviews with Graduating Students – Janvi Baweja

By Olivia Nickerson Janvi Baweja is our current student body president and friend. She’s a double major in art history and political science. Born in Kolkata, […]

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Go Green!

By Mark Kollar All around McDaniel, we can see the “Go Green!” message, but “going green” can mean a lot of things: collecting waste selectively, using […]

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Interviews with Graduating Students – Daniel Bailis

By: Olivia Nickerson How well do you know your fellow peers at McDaniel College? Daniel Bailis is in his final semester here on our Budapest campus. […]

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Upcoming SAC events

By Tyler Wood Hello from the student activity council. In case you aren’t aware, the SAC organizes most of the fun events that happen on at […]

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Have you been unknowingly sitting above the best food option?

By Patrik Lyons It was a cold and gloomy winter morning when I arrived at the college to interview Szabolcs and Miklós at the downstairs cafeteria. […]

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US-based Hong Kong activist gave special lecture at McDaniel College

By Kristof Kocs Samuel Chu, a Hong Kong-born American human rights and pro-democracy activist, paid a visit to Budapest, on November 23, and delivered a special […]

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Club room

The new clubroom of McDaniel College

By Dominika Sipos The new club room has opened its door for all the students of McDaniel.   The Student Body Council (SAC) and volunteers have been […]

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International Day - Picture Taken by Tyler Wood

International day brought together 12 cultures in a warm celebration of McDaniel students

By Astrid Söderström International Day was held on the McDaniel Budapest campus on May 6. The event, organized by the Student Council and volunteers, gathered people from […]

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McDaniel welcomes guest professor István Berszán for a collaboration

By Astrid Soderstrom McDaniel professor Gábor Molnár invited guest professor István Berszán to collaborate with him on the ENG 2220: World Literature course. Dr. Berszán visited […]

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Pécs - Picture taken by Mária Eszter Bogdán

McDaniel College study abroad students take a Pécs study tour

By Yarbrough Laws On March 10, 2022, in the spring semester McDaniel College Budapest study abroad students embarked on their first two-day study tour led by […]

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Yoga every Thursday makes the stress go away!

By Maria Fiala Yoga sessions on campus with “10/10 temple massages.” Have you ever wanted to try out yoga but never had the chance? Do you […]

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Rescue pets of McDaniel College.

By Astrid Söderström. This Fall again, students old and new, Hungarian and international, flocked back to Budapest for the study year. Many are living on their […]

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Catching up with The Crown – Season 1 Review

Laith Abdulhadi takes us back to Season 1 of the much-talked-about Netflix series, also offering an opportunity for newcomers to board the Royal train. After watching […]

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Arriving to study in Hungary for international students

The Local Lowdown for Non-EU Students Studying in Hungary

By Niel Casas On March of 2020, the European Union banned all non-essential travel to non-EU visitors. Within the EU, internal border restrictions were enacted, suspending […]

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writing center cover

Flow into Writing: McDaniel Budapest Writing Center Edition

By Marketty Bleck   “Where do I start?” “The minimum is 1000 words, but I only have 600, how do I meet it?” “I guess I […]

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A club for diplomacy

By Bernadette Radnai Imagine a student club where it absolutely does not matter where you come from, what you’re studying, what experiences you have in the […]

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Window restaurant closed

The Bethlen Gabor Ter food situation

By Paula Paredes Another year at McDaniel has started, but this time in collective dread as the terrible news of Find Food’s closure hit students hard. […]

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