Kornél Magyar, World Music

Areas of interest

Traditional and classical music of West Java, Indonesia & South India


Certificate of Dharmasiswa scholarship, STSI Academy of Indonesian Arts, Bandung, Indonesia, 2000. Diploma with university degree, Eötvös Loránd University, Linguistics and Literature, 2003


Kornel is a performing artist, composer, music critic and scholar of ethnomusicology. His main field of study is traditional and classical music of India and Indonesia where he spent years of fieldwork since 1999. His musical teachers – also referred to as kind gurus – are Prof. Trichy Sankaran, leading artist of South Indian carnatac music tradition, faculty leader of York University Toronto, Canada; and Bapak Mamat Rachmat, performer and teacher of traditional gamelan music in STSI university in Bandung, Java, Indonesia. Kornel is an owner of Dharmasiswa scholarship supported by the government of Indonesia. He has been actively performing and teaching ethnic music genres since 2001.

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Courses taught

World Music

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