Csilla Kőszeghy, Graphic Design

Areas of interest

Graphic design, illustration


Illustrator, Graphic Artist (MA)
Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Department of Printmaking, 2003
Illustration, Kingston University, London, 2008


The aim of the Graphic Design course is to be familiar with visual communication and its elements such as typography, illustration, identity design and package design. Students work on computer, although it is essential to be able to draw and have a sense of composition.

During the course students become acquainted with different styles and designers.

Csilla is a children’ s book illustrator and designer, you can find her works here:http://www.csillustration.co.uk/ and here: http://www.csillustrator.co.uk/

Courses taught

Graphic Design

For any information on any of these topics, please contact

 Professor Kőszeghy.