Yoga every Thursday makes the stress go away!

By Maria Fiala
Yoga sessions on campus with “10/10 temple massages.”
Have you ever wanted to try out yoga but never had the chance? Do you find professional yoga studios intimidating or do you just want to practice in a friendly environment amongst your peers? If yes, boy do we have the place for you!
As it may have come to your attention there is a new student club amongst our midst that has started in the beginning of this semester. The Shiva Squad is a yoga club led by Olivia Nickerson and me, Mária Klára Fiala.
We decided to start a yoga club to show our shared love for yoga and to have the chance to practice our teaching skills after receiving our instructor certifications this summer. We both started practicing yoga a while ago, however, it was not until the past year when corona has been introduced to our day-to-day lives, that we found yoga to be a wonderful way to move the body and relax the mind from the comfort of our homes.

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The Shiva Squad is an inclusive club, and everyone is welcome. It does not matter whether you have never stepped foot on a yoga mat or if whether are a certified yogi. All people that are open to experience are welcome to join us each Thursday at 7pm for an hour-long yoga session. We usually practice vinyasa flows, however, since this is a club, suggestions for other types of classes are gladly considered.
Are you still unsure about joining us? Here are some things said about us to change your mind

“Looking for an unpainful but fun and relaxing yoga session? This is the place to be.”
– Clemens
“It’s a fun activity that leaves you feeling happy and calm.”
- Isabel
“I really enjoy the flow of the lessons and that the group dynamic is quite relaxed.”
- Veronica
“After every yoga session, you’re left with a peaceful feeling.”
- Gabby

Still not convinced? Check out our Instagram page @shiva.squad for updates.
We are looking forward to seeing you on the yoga mat next Thursday!

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