By Zsófia Balassa

Exhilarating, profound, inspirational and mind-blowing. These are the words that rushed around my head, pardon the pun, after I left the movie theatre. Rush is an enjoyable, exciting racing drama film, based on a true story. Since this is an honest review, I might as well tell the truth; I was not planning on watching this film. Sure, the truly talented Chris Hemsworth (Thor) was playing one of the most famous Formula 1 racers, James Hunt, and Daniel Brühl (Inglorious Bastards) was portraying the even more famous, Nikki Lauda, yet I was just not in the mood for another racing film. Oh but how wrong I was. As I sat in my seat I felt my heart going as fast as the wheels of the cars on the immense screen in front of me. Director Ron Howard (Apollo 13) has proven once again that he has received his Oscars for a reason.

The camera angles during the racing scenes are just so perfectly shot, that the viewer can undeniably sense the danger and adrenaline of the Formula 1 racing at that time. The music is absolutely gripping. It is played at the right times to create the ultimate atmosphere for the audience. Beautiful. The movie, however, even though it is based on a true story, does have the typical plot: two enemies racing for the world championship cup, yet Rona Howard has explored every possible way in making it just absolutely thrilling, touching and inspiring. Who would’ve thought that Thor could make an excellent racer? I sure didn’t. Yet the cast flawlessly reflected the people the movie was based on, Heck, I was shocked to see the remarkable resemblance of Niki Lauda and his portrayer, Daniel Brühl. Now one could ask the question; “What If I am not into racing films, would I enjoy this film?” My response is simple. Yes. It is an amazing story, not only emphasizing the dangers of racing in the 60’s, but the two rival, arch enemies, who cheat death every day, yet never give up on their dreams and goals and would do anything, literally, anything to prove to the other and even themselves, that they are good enough. Make sure you don’t miss out on this thrilling film, by watching it in at your local cinema, or mall. Most cinemas play it in English, but I would recommend Mom Park shopping center, where you are most likely to be able to view the film in English.

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