Want to eat proper food? ‘Find Food!'

Eating proper food

By Mihai Damascan

Eat? Find Food!
1078, Budapest, István utca 5.
Opening hours: Mo-Fr. 8am – 6pm, Sa. 9am – 3pm

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The question going through our minds during lunch break is where to find a place around the college to fill our stomach.  Sure, fast food is a solution for this issue- McDonald’s and Burger King are around the corner at Keleti Railway Station.  However, trust the science on how fast food can help you gain lovely, unnecessary weight.  In addition, more and more people have allergies to lactose and gluten. Fast food restaurants should not be considered reliable food sources to be trusted whether your meal is gluten-or-lactose free.

The place you should look for is under Istvan utca 5.  No, it is not The Goat Herder, but stop before the ‘Berliner’ green-light sign, at ‘Eat? Find Food!’.

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The place is run by three average guys, all in their late 20s.  Gabor, the bearded midget, Joci, the blonde skinny hill, and Pista in the chili pepper pants. They used to work together in various new-wave restaurants around the city, but decided to open their own business next to the Vet School, McDaniel College and the Metropolitan University’s Art faculty.  When they opened earlier this year they offered three different daily soups and three thick soups or stews (főzelék in Hungarian- which is made by boiling fresh veggies), and four kinds of sandwiches. Their purpose is to reach gluten and lactose sensitive consumers.  This quality of service and menu can be hard to find in this city.

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After the summer, the guys came up with another “feeding” system. Now, weekly they change four different soups cooked daily and only one pottage.  They have introduced the ‘Daily Meal’ offer, instead of the old system of cooking daily soups.  The ‘Daily Meal’ is always a typical main course served with some sauce and garnish on the side. It should be noted that you can buy it during lunch hours only.  The sandwiches are changing as the weather changes.  Currently, chicken, ham and cheese, avocado, breakfast, and fish are the options. They are prepared with fresh ingredients, ciabatta with black olives, and baked in a toaster.  You can get discounts if you combine soup or pottage with the sandwiches; also, be sure to get the ‘Happy Friday’ offer which might contain a coffee or cake in addition.

For the first time, they are introducing smoothies, as an effort to try to reach the majority of the students. The new sandwiches will be the beloved avocado (a vegan option), avocado plus (which contains chicken), and BBQ pork, to attract the spicy eaters in the house, and smoked salmon for the fish lovers.  All sandwiches are lactose free. On cold days you might need heavier food to survive the day, so these sandwiches are a good option.

Faculty and students going to classes early can forget about having a rushed breakfast at home. The guys are cooking a great list of meals to start the day, including: frankfurter sausages, bread with salad and honey mustard sauce, and you can get these in Hungarian style as well. Furthermore, ratatouille with eggs and croissants are an option for those who do not prefer meat in the morning, as well as cereal with milk for the ‘light’ ones. Don’t forget- even the milk is lactose free.

Every consumer will find his or her favorite each time entering this restaurant.  However, coffee is not their number one priority; they believe in the Italian Arabica coffee.  They are not a new-wave coffee place, but rather a new-wave food place.  It is new-wave in a sense of preparing all meals with fresh ingredients.  The drinks you can get with your meal are also part of the ‘new wave’.  In Budapest, it is hard to find ‘Club-Mate’ – a German sparkling Mate tea energy drink for those who do not like coffee.  Another choice is ‘Kofola’ – a Czech Coke drink made by natural ingredients.  Both help in digestion, and sugar and calorie content is close to nothing. These drinks are mostly popular in the ‘hipster’ community.

There is actually a feeling that this might become the ‘new normal’. With such risks as preservatives and for instance water used in meat, the restaurants are also in danger. But with these kind of ‘new wave’ kitchens, people can avoid facing these issues and have the opportunity to eat healthy despite their busy work schedule.

If you are interested in their ‘Daily Meal’ offers, check their ‘Instagram’ (instagram.com/findfood_istvan_utca_5) or ‘Facebook’ (facebook.com/findfood2017) account, where they upload pictures daily on their recent food offerings as well.

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