Valentine’s Day at our LOVEly McDaniel College

By Fahimeh Karimi

This year, thanks to the efforts of the Student Union, McDaniel College pulled out all the stops for Valentine’s Day. The school building was decorated with heart shaped invitations to the Valentine’s Day event; the Student Union staffs organized a good night at school to make a sweet memory for all the students who decided to spend that beautiful night with their friends.

People began arriving at 7:00, playing cards and having fun, preparing for the evening. Following some ice-breaking activities and some sweets, the group hit the city to fulfill the exciting evening on downtown.

Most of the students enjoyed the night with a refreshment and conversation together at Szimpla kert—a great multicultural night spent with students from five continents around the same table which is a terrific part of any celebration at McDaniel College in Budapest.

There was no better way to enjoy this great day but by taking the short excursion around the city. Everywhere you could see the decorations: simple red hearts and roses .You could find couples who were sitting around the shopping centers.

For many students who are at the Budapest campus for just a semester, joining the Budapest celebration of Valentine could be more exciting, compared to the American tradition.

In Hungary generally only young married couples and young lovers exchange gifts on this day while in America there is a card for just about every love connection, from couples to grandparents to their grandchildren. Hungarian cards say a few things differently than what Americans will find in Hallmark shops. Typical Hungarian cards for Valentine’s Day say things like: “To the world’s most adorable blue-eyed real man” to “Your little mouse.” Other expressions are “Send word to the country hag that I love her” or “I wish my piggy a joyous future from his ever-loving kitty.”

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world each day on February the 14th where hearts, roses and chocolate come out in full bloom. Valentine’s Day, is otherwise known in Hungary as ‘Bálint Nap’.

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