By Bridget Daley


Summer is over and fall is upon us, and among traditional seasonal escapades such as pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and putting back on the weight you dutifully lost for summer, is the inevitability of ceaseless rain. What does one do to stay entertained throughout this seasonal inconvenience, do you ask?


Go to the movies!


There are many cinemas in Budapest which feature films in English. The most well-known­ of which is Cinema City, which houses theaters in different areas across the city. Locations include:


Arena Plaza Mall


Westend Mall




Prices for tickets are 1760 forints regularly, however, if you bring your student card with you, it is reduced to 1320.


For more information on cinemas around Budapest:


Below is a compilation of some movies being released in the coming months. Do, however, keep in mind that the english/original versions of films in Budapest tend to play for a shorter period of time than the Hungarian dubbed version. Thus, if you do not speak Hungarian and want to catch one of these flicks, do so sooner than later.


The Snowman: Coming out October 12th


The Man with the Iron Heart: Coming out October 12th


Geostorm: Coming out October 19th


Mother!: Coming out October 19th


Jigsaw: Coming out October 26th


Jungle: Coming out October 26th


Suburbicon: Coming out October 26th


Next month:


Murder on the Orient Express: Coming out November 9th


Happy Death Day: Coming out November 16th


Justice League: Coming out November 16th


Death Wish: Coming out November 30th




Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi: Comin out December 14th


Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle: Coming out December 21st


Pitch Perfect 3: Coming out December 28th


Stratton: Coming out December 28th


The Greatest Showman: Coming out December 28th

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