Avi Benyakar

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia in northeastern Spain, located on the Mediterranean coast, and is the second most important city in Spain, after Madrid. Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city with a population of over 1.5 million people, though with approximately 3 million in Greater Barcelona, plus it’s home to the country’s second-largest airport, is a key port and a business center. But most of all, it’s a beautiful and vibrant city with a medieval old town and gave the world the Modernismo of Gaudi and others.

Major attractions in Barcelona
La Rambla-the most frequented famous street in the city, colorful, lively and interesting.
Barcelona Cathedral – an ancient church and impressive center of the ancient Gothic Quarter.”
Sagrada Familia Church – one of the symbols of the city.
Colon- monument topped off with a statue of Christopher Columbus  near the port shows Columbus revealing lands conquered under the auspices of Spain.
Catalunya Square – the central square of Barcelona

Spain is known for its cultural and artistic wealth, especially Barcelona. Here are some recommendations:
Picasso Museum – Here you will find many works by Picasso: paintings, drawings and sketches, and other carving works. This is the world’s largest museum dedicated to Picasso).
Institute of Joan Miro – Museum of Modern Art devoted to the Spanish artist Joan Miro (mainly sculptures and paintings).
Science Museum – a new high standard, a great experience.

Barcelona – Art and Culture Center
Barcelona is without doubt an important cultural center, with legendary artists having worked there: Gaudi (sculpture and architecture), Dali, Picasso (painter), Joan Miro (painter and sculptor).
The most notable is Gaudi. Many places in the city were designed by him or built by those inspired by his work. His most famous attractions are Park Güell and the (unfinished) Church of the Sagrada Familia.

Sports in Barcelona
Do not forget the great football team of Barcelona. You can visit the famous stadium, Camp Nou, and if you’re lucky you might even catch a Barca game.
Barcelona is known for its nightlife. Don’t try to go out before midnight and the major place for nighttime entertainment in Barcelona is the Olympic Port.

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