Travel blog II: on the road in Italy with Virág Kiss, the face of BioTech USA  

On the road in Italy

Stepping off the beaten track in romantic Ravello


Breathtaking views, fresh seafood, genuine local charm and colorful buildings clinging prettily to steep hillsides. We’ve found a real rising star: Ravello.

Whether you are a walker or you just like to sit in an Italian piazza and watch the world go by, Ravello will welcome you with open arms and keep you there. I immediately fell in love with this little town, perched high on a hill above the Amalfi Coast. Ravello may be off the beaten track – an hour by car from Naples over steep mountain roads – but that only confirms its recommendations as a romantic hiding place.

The panoramic views are breathtaking I actually felt like a princess of a castle just looking out of my bedroom window. Ravello is so tiny that you can walk around the town in less than an hour. The landscaped gardens are magnificent with their bubbling fountains. In the center of the village the often chiming medieval church is made out of great marble slabs with six smiling lions.


No rush, let’s enjoy the peaceful village and Dolce Vita! Just sitting in the main square with an ice-cold Aperol Spritz in the shade of the cypresses, watching the rich and noisy Italian life –and football game on the TV, tanned kids on roller-blades and cute old couples eating ice cream is entertainment enough.


This part of Italy is famous for its lemons, which are very juicy and smell fabulous. The peel of it isn’t bitter, you can actually eat it if you like the citrus taste in your mouth. Wild garlic, fig and olive trees, violate organs and bright red poppies; this is the picture you should imagine if you hear the word: Ravello.



Of all the meals we ate on this tour, our favorite was at the Ristorante di Salvatore. Their specialitá is their wood-fired pizzas — the Vesuvio with fresh rucola and tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella — and the seafood in tomato sauce with fresh basil.  The salad bar has all sorts of tomatoes, local tuna and langoustines, breads, and the freshest gazpacho. It is the whole relaxed feel here under the Mediterranean pergola, overlooking the gorgeous pool and the mountains beyond — that makes this place so special.














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