Tom Fried – A Dear Friend Graduates

By João Salviano Carmo

This week a few of our colleagues and friends are graduating at McDaniel Europe. One of them is a dear friend of mine, Tom Fried. We met in the college in Budapest, worked together in the Messenger, became friends in the process and even shared the apartment together in Westminster during our American experience semester.tompic

I recently spoke with Tom and asked him a few questions about his time at McDaniel. This is what he had to share with us:

Q: How will you best remember your time at McDaniel College Budapest?

I will remember McDaniel as a small lake of knowledge… The tiny size of the school with so many professors from different fields of studies makes it the best place to gain knowledge…. Besides it I will remember the intimacy of study between professors and students….

Q: Were you inspired by any of the teachers you met there? If so which one inspired you the most?

It’s hard to point one professor in particular. Though, my favorites were my two professors for journalism, Professors Doyle and Smith. The main reasons were the dynamic classes I had with them and the practicing of professional writing during the courses.

Q: Are you happy with the level of education you received at McDaniel Budapest?

I’m very happy and satisfied with the level of education I received in McDaniel, although, I believe more courses should be offered.

Q: What are your plans for life after McDaniel?

At the moment I plan to practice as a journalist in Israel. I plan to study French and Arabic as well. Meanwhile I’m also taking courses in film making which is my passion.

Q: Do you think you are prepared to pursue your desired career now?

Not yet, I should practice it a lot!

Q: What will you miss the most from McDaniel Budapest?

Beside classes I would say the international environment around campus.

Q: What was the best and the worst things you found at McDaniel Budapest?

The small campus it is both advantage and disadvantage.

Q: How was your experience in McDaniel College, Westminster, Maryland?

In one sentence: cultural differences between the American and international students was very interesting to experience. But it’s not a negative aspect. I enjoyed my experience in the States.

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