The Royal Wedding: "Waity Katie" is waiting no more

Adela Kuci

The wedding of the century, the royal wedding between, Prince William of Great Britain and Kate Middleton a British bourgeois is over. “Waity” Katy is not waiting anymore. They both looked anxious and amazingly handsome. At the wedding the guests were just part of the family and friends, we could even recognize some famous faces, like Elton John, the Beckham couple etc. The ceremony is not considered a state but a family ceremony, so state official were not invited, like president Obama or even ex Prime ministers of the UK.

Kate looked like a real princess and William like a real future king. In the wedding what we might have noticed more were the fashionable diversified hats that the ladies had on their heads.

Royal wedding royal style. The hats are considered to be royal style fashion, from the old times till today changes in shape but not forgotten. The other thing discussed were the shoes most of the guests wore Jimmy Choo shoes were not so known in the world but are now very famous. Jimmy Choo prizes now doubled after the wedding now that everyone wanted a pair just to feel a bit royal.

The kiss from the Buckingham palace balcony was the most viewed and what we all where waiting for, the first kiss of the royal couple in public as husband and wife. Many girls followed the ceremony in front of the TV and many on the streets of London wishing to have the same luck as her. Eh, who doesn’t like a prince, its every girl’s fairytale to marry a prince with blue eyes.

Congratulations to them. Now waiting is brother Harry. Who will be the other lucky girl?—he is considered to now be the most wanted bachelor in the UK.

May the Prince and Princess live happily ever after.

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