The McDaniel Writing Center

By Viktor Jósa

The McDaniel Writing Center was made to help students at McDaniel College to do their essays, homeworks or thesis papers. A whole crew is there in Westminster at the main campus who are waiting for your appointments to help you.  For students in the Budapest campus, the Writing Center provides online tutoring from this year.

McDaniel College is providing a Writing Center where students can make an appointment with helpful tutors who can help them with their papers now, even online. The McDaniel Writing Center is now offering online tutoring for students studying in the Budapest campus. A few years ago the Budapest Campus had a Writing Center as a class, where students could go when they needed some help for their essays. At the main campus the Writing Center has been operating for years and it seems like a lot of students use it again and again, because during the busy weeks it is hard to get an appointment. The procedures are the same as the face-to-face appointments. Students must first register after that they can schedule an appointment by logging in to, choosing a date, and clicking on “yes -  meet online.” Then a white board appears on the screen with a chat. The Writing Center also has a Skype account under the username McDaniel Writing Center if the student wants to see and talk to the tutor without having to write.

It only allows three appointments per week per student and the appointments cannot be made back-to-back. This is the second semester offering online scheduling, and it has been very useful and helpful. The McDaniel Writing Center has 15 tutors this year, including graduates and undergraduates of different majors.

As a student from the Budapest campus I have tried the online  Writing Center while I was working on one of my final papers. After I registered at  I booked an available tutoring hour that worked for me. I had to take into account the time differences, because the appointments listed in the scheduler are on EST time. Students from Budapest should add 6 hours to the time written on the scheduler. After that I just had to select which tutor I want to make an online appointment with and fill out the information about the course in what I need help and to write down short what I would like to work on. All I had to do after this was to wait for my appointment and to log in ten minutes before my appointment, click on my scheduled appointment and hit on “Start or Join online consultation”.

Through a white board with a chat you can attach your files and send it to the tutor who is reachable by chat and also on skype and he/she will try to come up with tips for your paper or they can correct your ready essay before you hand it in. It helped me a lot and I will use their help for sure next semester again.

Don’t be shy to chat or talk to Writing Center tutors online from Westminster, because they are there to help you in every way they can. Give it a chance and get an appointment soon, because they are busy these days and the semester at the main campus ends a week earlier than at the Budapest campus.

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