Summer Festival Go-To Guide

Summer Festival Go-To Guide

 Since mid-March, summer has been inching closer and closer, and now that it’s finally here there is a mutual suspense in the air forHungary’s summer festivities. I’m sure that you’ve heard of the killer line-ups at festivals and the charmingly unpretentious garden bars only open for the vibrant summer season, but here is an aesthetically pleasing chart in case you just can’t make up your mind on where to go first!

Wagner in Budapest Opera Festival

Where: ThePalace ofArts

When: June 3  -  June 19

What: This festival is a critically acclaimed sell-out concert series of Wagner’s works: Tannhäuser, Siegfried, Das Rheingold and Die Walküre. Tannhäuser was first performed at the Budapest Opera House in its first season, in February 1885. Since then the opera has seen a total of 552 performances inBudapest, with the greatest singers from bothHungary and abroad taking the stage.

How Much:

Ticket prices per performance range between the following:

2500, 5900, 10900, 14900, 16900 HUF

Prices of Wagner Season Tickets: 8500, 20100, 37100, 50700, 57500 HUF


Budapest Summer Festival

When: June 8 -  September 8

Where:MargaretIsland Open-air Stage and Varosmajor Open-air Stage

This festival is a charming day-plan for all ages with open-air theater performances, musicals, dance shows, kids’ programs and several concerts. The best thing about the event is that it lasts throughout the entire summer! The varied repertoire includes performances by: Los Vivancos (dance show), The Blues Brothers (concert show), Zorba (ballet), Puccini: Turandot (opera), Count of Monte Cristo (musical) and much more.

How much: FREE

VOLT Festival


When: June 27 – 30

What: Get ready to turn the meadows of Sopron into a 3-day jam-fest with one of the best line-ups yet, including Snow Patrol, Mac Miller, Faith no More and Skillex. This year is the celebration of the 20th VOLT Festival, and to take part please don’t forget your tent, sunglasses (or should I say, beer-goggles), and your most comfortable sandals that you wont be afraid to get a little muddy while crowd surfing.

How much:

DayPassAhead of Time: 35€

DayPasson the Site: 39€


Ahead of Time 90€

On the Site: 100€



When: July 12-15.

Where: Zamárdi, Szabadstrand (Balaton)

What: This goergeous gathering takes place on the beautiful Zamárdi part ofBalatonLake. This four-day event may as well be the pre-Sziget festival. The line-up is AWESOME, including: Kraftwerk, Moby, David Guetta, Carl Cox and Erick Morillo, and some of my own favorites: Kühl, NEO, Nostalgia 77 and Parov Stelar.

How Much:

DayPassAhead of Time: 39 €

FestivalPassAhead of Time: 100 €

DayPassOn Site: 50 €

FestivalPassOn Site: 125 €

There is a choice for a combined festival pass for

VOLT Festival & BALATON SOUND for: 156 €

Camping registration (for both VOLT & BALATON SOUND): 4 €

Visitors who wish to use the campsite will need to buy a Camping registration. Camping registrations are not sold on the basis of days or tents, anyone who buys them can use the campsite up to four days.



O.Z.O.R.A. Festival

When: 7 – 12 August

Where: Ozora

What: I tried to sit and explain what this brilliant festival is all about in a short introduction but I think the best description is done right here on it’s website:

“In light of the 10th festival held in Ozora, in light of the mysticism of the year 2012, in light of all that has enriched us with an Ozora experience we have only one thing in mind. Respecting and nurturing the valued traditions, treasures, for free spirits paradise on earth, our fairy tale. A playground where we learn to share and care, to express, connect, unify, beautify the world around us, in us. A universe of openness, togetherness, reaching out to cosmic energies, to nature, to wholeness through dance, trance, creation, invention, transformation and peace. A festival where caring for each other, for our world is as important as our love for all living beings, Ozora 2012 plans to be an ecologically conscious gathering as well.” Did you know that The cleanliness of the Ozora valley is legendary among festival goers and visitors are often surprised to experience that nature here is untouched in spite of the huge number of participants.


How Much:

Tickets are not on-sale yet, but tend to cost under 20,000HUF at the entrance.

SZIGET Festival

When: 6 – 13 of August



What: Need I say more? SZIGET Festival is legendary among Europeans collectively. If you haven’t been yet, GO! Though it is in Budapestitself, you may seem to lose track of time and place in all the fun. This year is the 20th anniversary celebration of the festival and the line-up includes: LMFAO, The Killers, Molotov, Azari & III, The XX, Modeselektor, Korn, Axwell and many more.

How Much:

Full ticket, camping and all for the whole festival: 225 EUR (if ordered online)

5-day ticket WITHOUT camping: 195 EUR (if ordered online)

Day ticket: 45 EUR

Day Zero Ticket: 28 EUR

Day -1 Ticket: 24 EUR

Day – 2 Ticket: 17 EUR

Valid from 6AM on the given day till 8AM next day


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