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History made in the Groupama Arena

By Adam Csanyi May 21st marked the start of the Union of European Football Associations’ (UEFA) 2020 Euro qualifiers. The 2020 Euros will be quite different […]

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Eat your way to the ideal weight  

  By Virág Kiss   As we all know, a good diet is vital to help us squeeze into our tiny bikinis or Strings for Men 2014 J. […]

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Travel blog II: on the road in Italy with Virág Kiss, the face of BioTech USA  

Stepping off the beaten track in romantic Ravello   Breathtaking views, fresh seafood, genuine local charm and colorful buildings clinging prettily to steep hillsides. We’ve found […]

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Travel blog: on the road in Italy with Virág Kiss, the face of BioTech USA  

Colorful villages, superb seafood, juicy lemons and sumptuous sweets on the Costiera Amalfitana   On the sunny Friday when my plane landed at Naples airport, I […]

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Five tips for razor sharp abs

 By Virág Kiss   Nowadays everyone wants to know the secret to gaining that ever coveted six pack. Training abs is easy, but training them right […]

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Professional Tips by Virág Kiss

Hello there, I’m Virág Kiss professional bikini model and BioTech USA- sponsored athlete. My fitness journey began in 2012, my first year of competing. In 2013, […]

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World Cup: 5 players that are likely to surprise you

  By Nikolas Gavriil Now the World Cup is in full swing and all football lovers around the world are lapping up the excitement of the […]

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Going Mad for Donuts in Budapest

  By Zsófia Balassa After a hard day of studying and stress, we all just want to take a few hours of our day and relax, […]

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  The FIFA World Cup 2014: Things you need to know.

 By Oluwafemi Samuel The FIFA world cup comes once in every four years and has proven to be one of the greatest sporting tournaments around the […]

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Treasure hunting at Ecseri flea market

By Aletta Morariu I recently took a trip to check out the Ecseri Flea Market at Nagykőrösi út 156. Although I was unlucky to get caught […]

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Awesome Amsterdam  

  By Jeanett Mari Gibson Short Nilsen   When you enter the city of Amsterdam, the first thing you see is the never-ending stream of people […]

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Lecture on personal experience with UNHCR: travelling beyond borders with Igor Ciobanu                                    

  By Oluwafemi Samuel     Mr. Igor Ciobanu a Veteran of the United Nations refugee agency was kind enough to visit our college and gave […]

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working poor

The Working Poor: What it takes to stay afloat  

  By Laura Pollard   The working poor are a growing class within the United States. Those who fall below the poverty line, some 46.2 million […]

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Raqpart-this summer the-place-to-go

By Cristina Ciobanu   Beginning May 1 everyone can say goodbye to sleepy nights! Summer season stars and with it many new places appear!   Do […]

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International Easter Bunny

By Cristina Ciobanu     It is spring time; the cute colourful flowers are everywhere, baby birds singing and dancing all the morning and wake everybody […]

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Easter brownies

  “What to bake for Easter?” I guess that was the question I have been asking myself last week as I was thinking what new, original […]

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Celebrating the beauty of Easter in Cyprus

  By Nikolas Gavril Easter Sunday is quickly approaching as Christians around the world look forward to and anticipate the upcoming celebration of the resurrection of […]

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Potato Wedges

By Aletta Morariu   Everybody loves potatoes. They go with almost every dish imaginable and come in so many varieties and forms that I even have […]

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       Get results or get sacked  

 By Oluwafemi Samuel    A developing trend in English football has taken a new toll this season as many football managers are being sacked out of […]

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Get to grips with Persian Festivals

With the Persian New Year now well upon us, Nazanin Azizian gives the lowdown on the rich traditions, what is celebrated and how. Nowrooz The Persian […]

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List of programs in April

dj Ico 2014. Ápr. 01. 19:30 Kapcsolódó alkotók: Ico Cökxpôn Rádió: dj Katsa, Petar és Shark 2014. Ápr. 02. 15:00 Kapcsolódó alkotók: Katsa Petar Shark […]

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Human Trafficking event: end modern day slavery

    By Cristina Ciobanu   The Raday Salon, along with Cristina Ciobanu, Marketty Bleck, and our newest member, Brooke Ness, has the enormous pleasure of […]

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Interview with Dr. Matthew Adamson the Director of Academic and Student Affairs of McDaniel College Budapest

By ‘Muhammad Sani I spent a few minutes talking to the Director of Academic and Student Affairs of McDaniel College Budapest and he shared with me […]

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Australia’s BIG problem – obesity

  By Milica Stamenkovic   Around the world, Australia projects the image of a sporty, outdoorsy place, filled with fit, active people and open spaces but […]

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Express yourself with Fast Fashion

  By Shahin Ghoreishi   “Fast Fashion” is an approachable and modern style of clothing, for affordable prices which appeals to a wide and diverse range […]

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The negative effect of the fashion industry on children

By Jeanett Mari Gibson Short Nilsen Today’s children are growing up too fast and are wearing makeup at earlier ages than ever before. Girls as young […]

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McDaniel’s Walking Tour around Budapest Castle

              By Samuel Oluwafemi With the help of Professor Harlov, the students from McDanielCollege were able to enjoy another spectacular […]

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Through the Eyes of a Ukrainian: The Euromaidan

Interview by the McDaniel Free Press’ Daniel Valentin-Morales “Never in my life, was I so emotionally involved, I feel like I should go back to the […]

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The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

The Top 10 moments of the Oscars

By Zsófia Balassa When we heard that Ellen DeGeneres was going to host the 86th Academy Awards this year, after Seth MacFarlane’s scandalous performance the year […]

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McDaniel receives guests from Fölszállott a Páva

By Cristina Ciabanu With the help of Professor Melinda Harlov, McDaniel College had the great opportunity to meet two Hungarian stars last month. Our guests were […]

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Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor axed for exposing corruption

 By Muhammad Sani   The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria announced the dismissal of the progressive Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. […]

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Raday Salon returns back into action for International Women’s Month

 By Cristina Ciobanu Women’s month is quickly approaching, providing another opportunity for the Raday Salon to organize an exciting event. Raday Salon is an independent human […]

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The invisible exhibition

By Aletta Morariu How does a blind person see? That is a question most of us don’t ever get around asking ourselves but one that I […]

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