Maintaining positive mental health is especially challenging during periods of an exceptional health alert such as the one we are now in—and it is crucially important. With that in mind, please note the following:

  1. Please find attached a PDF of information about maintaining good mental health during this period. All students should read and consider the important principles behind your mental and physical well-being.

  2. During this time, our mental health counselor, Levente Somogyi, remains available. Please do not hesitate to reach out to him. He is available online and by phone. He is maintaining both his regular Monday hours (12:00-3:00) as well as irregular hours when need be. During this period especially, his counseling will be very valuable and he is flexibly ready to speak with all students.

Mr. Somogyi adds the following: Due to Hungarian national emergency regulations related to COVID-19 on-campus student counseling services are shifting to two online platforms in regular office hours on Mondays between 12:00 pm and 3 pm. Since counseling is traditionally a face to face service offered by the College, we are now temporarily switching to an online format while government restrictions are in place. You can set up meetings through our online appointment booking system at but sessions will be conducted via skype or online platforms for the time being. Once you set up a meeting, you will receive detailed instructions what to do, how to go about initiating an online counseling session.
Thank you for your understanding!


In light of the recent statement issued by the Hungarian authorities regarding continued operation of higher education, we have decided to move all instruction to an online environment starting on Monday, March 16. The school building will not be available for regular instruction as of Thursday, March 12. Classes this Thursday and Friday will be cancelled.

For the last four weeks, our campus administration has been preparing for the possibility of offering all instruction online. We have designed several methods and protocols to help both students and faculty handle this new situation, and will be communicating more specifics in the upcoming 48 hours.

We have every confidence in our close-knit community of faculty and students to rise to the occasion and continue with the semester in this new situation.

Health update

Over the weekend, a few scattered cases of COVID-19 were reported but no increase in the rate of infection in Hungary. At this time Hungary continues to be one of the lesser affected countries in Europe, with a total of eight reported cases. Our local authority on best practices, the Hungarian representative of the World Health Organization, has approved our approach to maintaining a safe environment on campus, and continues to advise us that the best defense against contracting any virus is to practice good personal hygiene (wash hands often, do not touch your face, disinfect surfaces in shared spaces, etc.).

Over the weekend, every room in the campus building was subject to a deep disinfection cleaning. This, too, is a precautionary measure for assuring the safety of the whole McDaniel community.

In addition, several students who had not been feeling well were asked to remain at home for an extra week, to ensure that they are symptom-free for the period recommended by the College policy. We are in touch with them on a regular basis and are doing our best to keep them on track in their courses.

Academic support

Our professors are all cooperating in this regard, and providing necessary course material to students at home, as well as extra attention and meetings upon the students’ return. In some cases, students will be able to skype into classes, upon request. Please bear in mind that all absences due to recommended self-isolation will be excused, and we will continue to work with professors to make sure that remaining off campus during this period does not harm students’ progress in any way.

Mental health counseling
(now available remotely)

At this time, our mental health counselor, Levente Somogyi, continues to hold his regular Monday appointment times (Mondays, 12:00-3:00pm). In addition, please note that he is available remotely for students who either are unable to meet with him Mondays or who are confined for the moment to their apartments. For these online appointments, he is currently available Tuesdays between 10:00am and 2:00pm. He can use any of the following platforms: Skype, FB messenger,, and vsee based platforms.
If you would like to make any sort of appointment with him, then please email him at


The College continues to advise students and faculty to limit international travel to urgent situations. Due to the current coronavirus situation in Europe, and following McDaniel College’s updated travel policy, we are going to have to cancel the planned study tour of Prague and Vienna from April 3-7, 2020. The College strongly advises against travelling to countries considered at higher risk (Italy, Iran, S. Korea, China) and in general notes that risk of transmission rises in environments such as crowded airports and airplanes.

Announcement (March 6, 2020):
Campus Closure for the Weekend

The McDaniel Budapest campus will be closed the weekend of March 7-8. All rooms, floors and spaces are to be cleaned and disinfected. We apologize for any inconvenience to students; however, in light of the current coronavirus situation in Europe, the campus will be taking this precautionary measure.
If you should have any questions, please contact Dr. Labov ( and Dr. Adamson (

Coronavirus Update

The College would like to remind all students and faculty about some of the precautions to take concerning the coronavirus.

    1. As noted last week, there are some basic hygiene measures one can take to lower the risk of getting coronavirus and other infectious illnesses. Please find attached a series of powerpoint slides (in English) produced by Dr. Tamás Pandics, Director General of the National Institute of Environmental Health in Hungary. These slides provide you with basic thorough information about the coronavirus, its transmission, and so on.


  • Students and faculty are recommended at this time to minimize their travels. Risk of transmission of the virus is increased in confined spaces like airplane cabins. In addition, it is important to be aware of which countries are experiencing severe outbreaks of the virus, including Italy, Iran, South Korea, and China.


For updates on the situation, you might try these websites:
WHO (UN): Coronavirus FAQ_PPT


  • Likewise, students and faculty who have recently encountered people travelling to Hungary from these countries (Italy, Iran, South Korea, China, etc.) should be especially cautious if they begin to feel sick and exhibit flu-like symptoms (headaches, fever, etc.). In that case, the individual should stay home, get rest, and drink plenty of fluids. These individuals are welcome to call or email the College if they have any questions or concerns. If symptoms persist, these individuals should contact their doctors. Students who are not from Hungary can call the number of the Unimed medical insurance card (+36 1 461 1590). Unimed has established a special protocol for anyone who reports coronavirus-like symptoms.



  • Students remaining at home can expect to receive a daily email or phone call in order to provide an update of their current health status. If need be, the College will provide additional support for any student staying at home.


Preventative Tips