By Zsófia Balassa

Halloween is just around the corner, what to do on such a special day? Some of us are going to attend a scary Halloween party, while others just want to grab some hot chocolate and enjoy the evening with some horror movies on their comfy sofas. Here you can find a list of movies to watch during the holidays:

1. Super scary movies

This category is for those horror-loving fans that enjoy watching gruesome movies and are not scared too easily. Probably one of the all time scariest movies is The Ring, which gives the creeps to most people. Mostly because of the little girl with the long black hair, crawling out of the television and killing her next victim. There are several other movies that can be sorted under this category such as The Grudge, The Nightmare on Elm street and new films such as Insidious chapter 2, The Conjuring, and my personal all time favorite; REC (the Spanish version).

2. Not-so scary movies

This is a more pleasant category for people who do not like to be scared, but they would very much enjoy a little fright on Halloween. Jaws is one of those films that can give you the shivers, but it does not scare you (unless you have a tremendous fear of sharks, then this is not the movie for you) Also, I recommend Hitchcock films such as Psycho, as it is very tense and can give a few scares. Other movies that are not so scary are Casper, Halloween town, Carrie (the old and new version) and many more!

3. Classic movies

Nosferatu was not only one of the first films ever made, in 1922, but definitely the first horror movie, where vampires were feared by many people. This black and white film is great for those classical-film lovers who want to get into the Halloween mood. Another cult movie is The Shining, which is not only a classic horror movie, but an extremely scary one as well, similarly to The Exorcist, which is still considered to be one of the scariest films in the film industry.

4.Comedy/Horror movies

One very well known comedy-horror movie series is the Scary Movie. They make a parody of all the famous horror movies, such as The Ring, and it is perfect for those who want to have a good laugh. Another funny horror movie is Shaun of The Dead, which is ideal for all those zombie and Simon Pegg fans out there. Warm Bodies can also be considered as a zombie-comedy with a romantic touch to it.

5. TV Series

Horror movies are becoming so popular that directors are coming up with new tv series to scare their audiences. There are always the classical children’s horror tv series such as the Adams Family and Scooby Doo, but today, one of the most popular series is the American Horror Story, which changes their story line every season to bring more and more scares! Another series that always offer a Halloween special is The Simpsons and their episode of The Tree House of Horror.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is probably one of the most famous animated films about Halloween (and Christmas), and it is a classic that never gets old. Tim Burton is famous for his spooky imagination reincarnated into his films, this also applies for his other film, The Corpse Bride. Other animated films that are enjoyable to watch during the holiday are Frankenweenie, Hotel Transylvania and of course, again a classic, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

We have reached the end of the list, however there are so many more horror films to watch this Halloween, so grab your candies and hot chocolate, get comfy and enjoy your Halloween movie!

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