By Abiade Zainab

Solomon ijisola was one of the seniors graduating this past fall semester from Mcdaniel. He is someone we have come to know as smart, cool-headed and is loved by most people. Here is all you need to know about him and from the entire staff of the Messenger at McDaniel we all congratulate him and wish him success in everything he will be doing.

Messeger (M.): Tell me about yourself. (major, honors roll, favorite class, teacher and why)

Solomon (S.): I’m Solomon Iji from Nigeria, Yoruba and I reside in Lagos mostly. I was born in Lagos. I was a Political Science & International Studies major. Hmm….asking for my favourite teacher is quite tricky and I don’t like to disappoint my professors as they have taken different roles in my life during my stay here, though I do not think they intended it, but were just performing their duties in traning us with knowledge and rendering their administrative duties…. that is if they will see this.

Prof. Dr. Drexler is like a cool father figure, he is very attentive and already knows the solution to your difficulties, he just sets you on the right path to deal with them. I am always delighted to see his white hair which is always in impecable shape!

Prof. Shimert is an awesome guy, a great conversationalist and intellectual with a wide depth of insight; his classes are culturally stimulating. He is like a funky Griot.

Dr. Adamson is very approachable and very good at simply expalining complexities. His history of modern science is a must attend and I know the advantages it holds for students in university applications and internships personally.

Prof. Marta Néni is a very sweet teacher, she welcomes new students to the school in a way that makes them comfortable in starting their studies. You can learn important stuff about literature and civilizations from her classes.

My favourite class was ’American Civil Liberites’ with Prof. Peter Schimert. We studied law, the U.S Constitution, then applied a lot of civil cases to the law and constitution. The cases were serious, hilarious and crazy! I am telling you it’s better than any reality show or Jerry Springer show. We finished it with a Dirty Harry movie, this is of course before the final exam. One thing I can tell you for sure is that all of us who took that class always look back at it with great Nostalgia!

M.: Why did you choose to study in Mcdaniel?

S.: Well McDaniel is one of the few schools you can study in English at undergraduate level, not just in Hungary but also in most of Europe if we exclude the Uk. The college is neat and very organized, and student life here is very respectable and to crown it up you get a U.S Degree!

M.: What was your memorable classroom experience?

S.: None……..

M.: Tell me about your thesis paper?

S.: My senior paper in political science is titled: United States Hegemony in an Anarchical World: Examining U.S Hegemony from an International Relations Theories Perspective. I will be examining different view on U.S predominance as the world’s number 1 superpower and try to determine if U.S continued control of the international system might result in serious conflict in the near future. I will be focusing on the possible problem U.S hegemonic pivot from the Middle-East might have with China due to competing interests in the Far East, in particular the South-ChinaSea.

M.:  What will you miss the most about McDaniel?

S.: I will miss the student body, they are are all awesome and radiate fine and tasteful culture. The ladies are beautiful and smart, the guys are great, hilarious and fun to hang around.

M.:   Is there any college experience that you wish you could re-live?

S.: I already studied too much philosophy, to do that will diminish the satisfaction I get at pondering from nostalgia! One thing I really loved doing however was the Salsa class with Prof. Ranky Reka!

M.: Words of advice to upcoming students at McDaniel.

S.: Study well, it’s for your benefit, life is easy at least for now so don’t depress yourself unnecessarily, go to dance at Morrisons, join those lovely students who go to Beketts to enjoy live performances, explore Budapest it’s an amazing city, pass TOEFL, have a good sense of humor, and add me on Facebook!

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