By Eszter Horovitz


Frontier Airlines is buying Spirit to try and save themselves from their horrible reputation.


“Absolute worst airline.”

M Neal

“Biggest disappointment by far.”

Jeremy Pimentel

“Absolutely appalled by the service I got.”

Shuki Kazaz

“Terrible, zero recommended.”

Daniella Palma

“Worst customer service ever.”

Alexis Eugia

“One of the worst days in recent memory, DO NOT FLY FRONTIER.”

Andrew K


These are the reviews found on yelp for Spirit and Frontier Airlines in February 2022.

This merger isn’t only happening because of the reputation, but also because Spirit and Frontier have been struggling with losses in the last two years as air travel dramatically decreased during the pandemic. Therefore, the solution is Frontier buying its biggest rival in discount airlines, for about $6.6 billion.

“This transaction is centered around creating an aggressive ultra-low fare competitor to serve our guests even better, expand career opportunities for our team members and increase competitive pressure, resulting in more consumer-friendly fares for the flying public,” said Spirit CEO Ted Christie.

But sometimes mergers like this mean a lot of people get laid off because they put together departments like accounting or human resources, but these airlines say this is going to create over 10,000 new jobs in the course of 4 years after the merger.

According to ECON 101 another concern is when you get one price cutter buying another price cutter that they don’t have to compete anymore. It can mean customers will have to pay more for plane tickets, but these two airlines claim this will save you money and result in lower fares. They’re also promising a more reliable service because if a flight gets canceled it’s possible they can put customers on another flight the same day due to the fact that the combined company would offer more than 1,000 daily flights to 145 destinations. So good luck to Spirit and Frontier Airlines, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

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