By István Kovács

As a sailor myself, I can advise that there is no better feeling than being alone or with a companion in the middle of the lake on a sunny day, preferably with a glass of rosé.
The Hungarian lakes are more then enough to break away from your everyday life and enjoy the tranquil environment of one of it’s three main lakes. The largest and most common destination for sailors is lake Balaton which is located at the center of Hungary. Only hundred kilometers from the capital, it is not hard for tourists to visit , even for a short stay. By car, the astonishing peninsula of Tihany can be reached within two hours, where you are able to enjoy the view of west cove Balaton. After a refreshing ice cream next to the Tihany Abbey, you can head towards the harbor, where you can rent a sailing boat or just simply enjoy the tour boat that goes between the North and the South side of the lake.

Most suggestions say that you can only experience the true allure of the lake, if you take a cruise with a sailing boat. The requirement for renting is a valid sailing license, that is not for the Adriatic Sea, but for rivers and interior lakes. The easiest way to rent a boat is to visit the harbor of THE, which is a shortening for Tihanyi Hajós Egylet. The price will be no more than 200 euros, but the escapade will be worth every penny. As soon as the wind hits your sail and you feel the power running trough the boat, all your troubles will stop to exist and you will feel the pure pleasure of sailing.
The fact that no fuel is being burned and nature is not harmed while you are cruising at a considerably fast pace, can only add to the feeling of delight. When the weather allows it, you can also berth anywhere and enjoy a freshening swim in the bay. Don’t let the color of the water deceive you. It is perfectly clean and ideal for swimming. The small depth of the water is the reason for the sandy color on top of the lake. The small depth is also the reason why motorboats are not allowed on the lake, therefore your vacation can not be disturbed by roaring engines at any time.
A few differences should be mentioned between sailing on the Adriatic Sea and cruising on the Balaton. The lake is full of mysterious quick storms that come and go without a true sign and can cause immense waves. Nothing to be afraid of, but you always have to be cautious and keep in mind the power of nature. The same is true if you would be sailing on the sea.

Every important point has been laid down for you, the only task that you have as a sailor on foreign water is to enjoy the freedom of the Balaton.




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