A SAC of goodies for McDaniel Budapest

By Kiev Martinez, on behalf of the Student Advisory Council

As the Fall 2018 McDaniel Budapest semester enters its final weeks, we welcome the holiday markets, possible snow, and seasonal depression en masse. Thankfully, we have some very good news to share about student body accomplishments and future goals.

Beginning in August 2018, students formed a three-person coalition to work with the administration in developing a solid infrastructure for the Student Advisory Council (SAC). Mubarak Aliyu (Political Science), Kiev Martinez (Political Science), and Marine Quesada (Political Science) began working together as the acting SAC. Although the responsibilities were heavy, division of labor proved to be successful as always. Great strides were made not only in the infrastructure of the student body government, but also in organizing events, trips, and opportunities within McDaniel.

The SAC, which represents the student body government, has positions for a two-semester, two-credit internship (four credits total) open to second through fourth year students. Requirements for eligibility include a minimum 3.5GPA*, good attendance, and availability outside of school hours, including up to one week before the start of school, both semesters. If you are interested in information, have any further questions, or wish to apply, please contact the student body representatives or Dr. Adamson (mhadamson@mcdaniel.hu). Working in tandem with the SAC are the peer mentors (Mark Bondar, Katica Hier, Claudia Nerey, Balazs Somogyi), who work one-on-one with freshmen and the semester’s study abroad students. If you are interested in becoming a peer mentor, please contact Dr. Adamson.

The past semester has seen fun and edifying trips to Alsópetény (thank you again, Dean Frenyó), and to Sofia (stay tuned for news on that wild ride!). Riding the coattails of these successful expeditions, the student body will be responsible also for organizing both a day outing and an out of country trip every semester. During Spring 2019, Mubarak Aliyu will guide a jaunt to Esztergom to take in the beautiful basilica and cross a historic bridge that links Hungary to Slovakia. Kiev Martinez will lead brave adventurers to Montenegro – spending five days on the Adriatic coast in April.

In early November, the student body representatives were invited to give a presentation at Madach Imre Secondary School on a topic of their choosing. Drawing on one of the core strengths of McDaniel Budapest – its massively diverse student body – the representatives, along with Communication and Psychology major Chahinez Haddad, discussed the importance of cultural diversity and intercultural communication. The presentation was so successful that other students have been invited back. The SAC is now taking submissions on topic ideas, open to all students.

Next semester McDaniel will also be celebrating its 25th Anniversary Gala at the end of April. This will be a formal affair – ladies get your gowns ready and gentlemen, nothing but suit and tie will be acceptable. As always, McDaniel Budapest celebrates culture by inviting all attendees to wear traditional attire from their homelands if they wish. Keep an eye out for your invitations to this momentous evening.

In closing, McDaniel Budapest would like to give the utmost congratulations to those students who will graduate in December 2018. Sincerest of wishes on a fulfilling and enjoyable future to Mihai Damascan (Political Science), Chahinez Haddad (Psychology and Communication), and Betania Vales (Psychology).

Next semester, Dr. Adamson will be facilitating an evening of fine music at the Liszt Ferenc Academy , to hear a concert with the acclaimed Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra, featuring in this case Gergely Bogányi on piano. The concert is on Thursday, February 28, at 7:30pm. Tickets are 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, and 7,000 HUF, depending on what type of seat you choose. http://zeneakademia.hu/all-programs/2019-02-28-gergely-boganyi-anima-musicae-chamber-orchestra-8289. If you are interested in joining, then please Dr. Adamson.

All jokes aside from the opening line, if you are experiencing seasonal (or any type) of depression, please reach out to McDaniel Budapest Counselor Levente Somogyi. Please also keep in mind that seasonal depression can be treated (somewhat) with UV replacement bulbs (available at OBI).

McDaniel wishes everyone a refreshing and joyous winter break and expects a warm return to our halls of students old and new in January.

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