Professor Berne Weiss seeks your views on the world without war

The 350th anniversary of the Quaker Peace Testimony turned my thoughts to the idea of the world without war.  It’s been a long time since I’ve even heard people speak those words.  President Obama has put the idea of a world without nuclear weapons back into the global consciousness.  People talk about a cure for cancer.  People have even eradicated the scourge of smallpox.  So what about eliminating war?  Unlike disease, war isn’t caused by an unseen enemy, war is a human invention undertaken by the very people who have the power and responsibility to serve the great mass of the rest of us.  And the rest of us acquiesce and participate.

Is there a cure for war?  What could that possibly be, and how might we find or create it?  Can we even imagine such a state of being?  If we can’t imagine a world without war, I can’t imagine how we could bring it about.

I started asking people if they could imagine a world without war, and now have a scholarship for a research project, based largely on interviews.  I would like to interview some McDaniel students.  (You are such a wonderfully international population!)  Interviews typically run 30-60 minutes, and I tape them.  If you are interested please contact me at

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