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Hello there, I’m Virág Kiss professional bikini model and BioTech USA- sponsored athlete. My fitness journey began in 2012, my first year of competing. In 2013, I won the Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid, in the under 160 cm bikini model category. Going on stage in a tiny bikini in front of a huge crowd, I chose to compete to challenge myself. This isn’t much different to setting foot on the beach. So, step out of your comfort zone and confront your biggest fears. Here are a series of articles to help you on your way to get healthier, fitter and even that perfect beach body to make heads turn.



Three easy steps to losing weight quickly


It’s easy to cover up those few extra kilos during the winter, but when the heat and sun arrives there is simply nowhere to hide it anymore. Are you ready to be fit and healthy for summer? Here are the first steps that will help you get into summer shape with minimum fuss and zero stress.

The nice weather is here, so don’t sit around inside, in front of your laptop. Shake off the stress, keep moving and be active outside. It’s officially bikini season; most of us have just realized we should start working out to get in shape. Here comes the first problem: the gym. After work when we rush to the gym, it’s noisy, crowded and you usually have to wait for equipment or free weights. Experts, competitors, beach boys, equipment, shakes, protein bars… all of these things in one area and we are too scared to go in. But why deal with that mass when you can workout at home? I’ll show you home exercise and outdoor workouts to kick start your training program.

These quick and easy full body workout routines burn fat and build muscle at the same time, even if you are just two meters from your couch.


Shoulders – Front Dumbbell Raise

Recommended reps: 3×12


Pick up two bottles of water, one in each hand, and stand with a straight body with your hands to the side of your hips. Lift the left bottle of water upwards while bending your elbow slightly; continue up until your arm is parallel to the floor. Lower the bottle of water back down slowly to the starting position. Then do the same move with your right arm.

Repeat this process 12 times to complete a set, do three sets in total.



Back – Superman

Recommended reps: 3x 25


Lie straight and face down on the floor, your arm should be extended in front of you. Simultaneously raise your arms, legs and chest off the floor and hold this position for two seconds. *TIP: Squeeze your lower back to get the best results!* Slowly lower your arms, legs, chest and return to the starting position. Repeat this move 25 times to complete a set, do three sets in total.



Biceps – Reverse Plate Curls

Recommended reps: 3×12


Stand straight with a single 1l bottle of water held in both hands with your arms fully extended. Your feet should be shoulder width apart from each other. Slowly lift the bottle up while keeping your elbows and upper arms still until your biceps and forearms touch. Lower the weight back down to the starting position. Repeat this move 12 times to complete a set, do three sets in total.


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