Practical postgraduate advice and pizza with a McDaniel alumnus


By Kareem Korayem

Earlier this month, the college hosted a meeting enabling students to catch up with aMcDanielCollegealumnus. Estephania Luraschi was aMcDanielCollegestudent majoring in Political Science. She graduated in 2009 and is currently working on her master’s program in “Development Management and Policy” atGeorgetownUniversity’sBuenos Airescampus.

As the current students of McDaniel sat around the alumnus, pizzas were offered while the students past and present discussed the prospects of continuing their education after completing their bachelors degree.

Estephania had several pieces of advice for all those who are planning on applying for a master’s program aft

er graduation. Firstly she advised the students to begin getting in touch with universities in order to know if any specific courses would be required for admission, as she said thatGeorgetownUniversityasked her to take a few courses in economics which were unrelated to her major, but required by the university.

Secondly, she advised that students begin to research what field or specific program they would wish to enrol in. She said that she was overwhelmed with the different choices available and so she recommends that students begin researching and understanding the situation early on rather than remaining undecided after graduation, or even worse, to enrol and remain stuck in a program that you dislike.

Lastly, I asked her if starting a master’s program was hard for her after graduating and she responded by saying that she never had trouble with studying and so it was not a hard transition for her. I guess we should all start thinking beyond McDaniel and our Bachelors degrees. We really should start preparing ourselves if we wish to continue our education after McDaniel.

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