Oh, Christmas Tree

The Perfect Christmas Tree



By: Hannah Graziano


On a blustery, snowy December day my family and I set out with a thermos of hot chocolate to find the perfect decoration for our house to help us celebrate Christmas. We go to a farm with our saw in hand and set out to find the perfect Christmas tree. One that is not too tall, but not too short and not too skinny but definitely not too fat. Picking out the perfect Christmas tree is a tradition that we have done every year that helps to get us in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas isn’t just about the gifts and family time, in fact it wouldn’t feel like Christmas at all if it weren’t for all of the decorations. The most important seems to be the big pine tree that stands in a window, covered with twinkly lights and shiny balls. Most families have a tradition when it comes to decorating the house and even more so when it comes to getting and decorating their Christmas tree. “Because it’s a tradition! Yeah, we do it every single year. I think it’s important to keep up with traditions,” said to TWC News Amanda Logtain, of Austin, Texas, when asked about why they decided to get their Christmas tree from a farm.

Although, my family traditionally cuts down our tree from a tree farm, there are several options when it comes to acquiring a Christmas tree. The two most popular are, like my family, getting it from a farm or, getting it from a Christmas tree lot. Both typically offer a lot of options in tree types, shapes and heights it is just about the experience that the family or individual want to have while getting their tree that help them decide by which method they will acquire their tree. The National Christmas Tree Association reported that 85% of people get their trees pre-cut and 15% of people cut their own. Bill Weston, who runs Weston’s Christmas Trees, which is a Christmas tree lot in Michigan, said to Wood TV, “When they come in here we trim the bottom. We tie the tree on. We do everything for them. So they know they can pull in get their tree and go,” about getting a tree from his lot. This is a lot different from getting a tree from a farm.

On a Christmas tree farm, most of the work is done by the man of the family. Usually the females pick out the tree that will look best in their house, then the man (or men) have the task of cutting down the tree and carrying it back to the car. Once at the car, they are tasked with getting it and securing it on the roof for safe transport. Often times, at Christmas tree farms there are other activities to do in order to make the experience more fun and put you in the Christmas spirit. Ashely Williams, describes her first experience of cutting down trees to Wood TV by saying “They do so much here with the hot chocolate and hay rides so it’s definitely more fun than just going to pick out a regular plain ole tree.”

After picking out and bringing home the perfect tree, the family or individual, is tasked with decorating it. There are so many options when it comes to decorating the tree that it may cause a family feud. From the color of the lights (one solid color, multi-colored, or plain white) to what shall be placed at the top (a star, an angel, a Santa) there is a decision for everyone to make. The types and shapes and color of the ornaments are also, endless. It is nearly impossible for there ever to be 2 identical trees.

Christmas trees are a fun Christmas tradition that get everyone involved. If picking out the perfect tree and decorating it does not put you in the Christmas spirit, then I am afraid nothing will and your new nickname might be Scrooge. There is an average of approximately 26.3 million Christmas trees sold per year for an average price of $39.50 each. Christmas is a time for excitement and cheer, and getting the perfect Christmas tree is a great way to kick start those emotions!



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