It is our sad duty to inform the college community that Professor Pal Domjan has passed away at the age of 68.  He was a senior member of the McDaniel faculty, teaching Mathematics in the Mathematics Workshop. He was also a professor of the Budapest University of Technology. In the past years, he suffered from cardiac insufficiency. In early September, his condition deteriorated and he had to be hospitalized. Despite the expert help provided to him at Szent Imre Hospital, he could not be saved and died in five days.  Professor Domjan had been looking forward to returning to McDaniel for another semester as he loved teaching and the hundreds of students he taught could testify how competent he was in helping students improve their skills in basic Mathematics and discover the beauty and usefulness of Arithmetic and Algebra.  His death has been a tremendous shock to all of us who knew him. He was a quiet, gentle and unassuming person with an inner strength. When his younger brother died, he became the guardian of his two orphaned nephews, who were brought up and educated by him. One of them, Istvan Domjan, was a competent member of the college information technology staff for several years.  We acutely feel the void created by the sudden departure of Professor Domjan and we will keep him in our best memories.

By Gabor Drexler

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