OBITUARY Professor Pál Rózsa

Professor Pál Rózsa


Professor Pal Rozsa, a founding member of the faculty of McDaniel College Budapest, passed away in his home on May 10, aged 86 years. He served as Associate Dean of the school between 1994 and 2000 and taught advanced courses in Mathematics to Business and Economics majors up to this semester. Recently, he was diagnosed with kidney malfunction and his state of health deteriorated rapidly in the past two weeks. We understand from his family that his death was peaceful and dignified, so characteristic of him and his whole life.

Professor Rozsa was a distinguished Professor Emeritus of the Budapest University of Technology He was renowned for his contribution to Mathematics in the theory of matrix analysis and linear algebra. He taught at several American and Canadian universities as a visiting professor, published numerous articles, scientific papers and several books.

His former students and colleagues will always remember his cheerful personality, his vitality, his integrity, his vast knowledge of Mathematics and his dedication to teaching. The faculty of McDaniel College Budapest have lost a pillar with his departure. We are all greatly saddened by his death.

Dr. Gabor Drexler

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