Nightlife: Alexander Grigorasenco gets into the groove at a former iron and copperware factory

We Love Budapest

We Love Budapest

The place has an interesting history as well, because the name Mika Tivadar Bar derives from Mika Tivadar himself, who put his name out on the façade of his own iron and copperware factory in 1907. But after the World Wars the place remained empty for decades so it was completely evacuated in 2004 by the VIIth district’s government. The place bore the marks of the Wars and could have been defined as a scene of debris, fortunately. Finally the house was saved from demolishing, and it has been renovated and transformed into a party place, where almost all kinds of music can be enjoyed, from Electro Funky, Pop, and Underground to Jazz and Blues. Here you can choose from a huge variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, for example long drinks, cocktails, teas and delicious hot chocolates. Mika Tivadar Bar is good in price-value ratio, because for appropriate prices you can get a very joyful, unforgettable experience. The bar is often crowded, it is a party place mostly targeted by youngsters and is popular bar among foreigners as well.

The place itself is located close to the Synagogue, it has two floors, and an open-air garden with a stylish appearance. The walls are painted blue and gold, and due to the industrial history of the house, the place has been decorated in a secession style keeping the grandiose copper water taps; mixed with a trendy urban design with crystal chandeliers and huge sophisticated windows and mirrors.

All in all the place has a fantastic ambience, good wines, and rocking music, so all we can say: Let yourself be charmed!

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