A night at Morrison’s Opera


By Karl-Gregor Hahn

Lying to your mother is never a good idea – especially if it’s about your drinking habits. But what actually constitutes a lie – I, for instance, never put myself in that position. I tell my mother I’m going to the Opera when I get the dreaded bi-weekly phone call concerning the dwindling funds in my bank account.

The name, Morrison’s Opera, has little to do with singing (unless you count a drunkenly belted rendition of Mr. Brightside by the Killers). Opera gets its name from the M1 metro line stop ‘Opera’. On Thursday nights, the venue attracts an eclectic mix of middle aged Hungarians, German medical students and your McDaniel College regulars. The regulars meet 10 minutes before 9pm in order to skirt the Ft 500 cover charge. The drink special, Ft 200 Heineken bottles, lasts from nine until midnight, although most of the crowd moves onto other venues well before then.

The venue is located in an old cellar with multiple rooms connected by narrow, winding hallways. Opera includes a karaoke bar as well a small dancefloor. The walls are artfully decorated with vintage advertisement posters, giving the venue a hip, retro feel.

Time: Thursdays, 9pm-12pm

Location: Budapest, Révay u. 25, 1065 (M1 Metro Stop Opera)

Dress Code: Grunge Casual

Price Range: 200 Ft/ Drink

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