By Canan Atik

The famous city of Cappadocia is always beautiful to visit, but it is most recommended seeing between April and June. As that time is just around the corner, here are places you must definitely check during your stay.

Fairy Chimneys

The first place most people love to go to is the fairy chimneys, which are old remains of ash from when volcanoes erupted. Locals say fairies used to sleep there. They are all around the city, you just have to keep your eyes open to see them.



Uchisar Castle

My personal favorite spot is the Uchisar Castle. It is the highest point of Göreme with a wonderful panoramic view, perfect for pictures. It is surrounded by little shops, so you can get your hands on some locally made ceramics and even some dried fruits and candy.



Kaymakli Underground city

There are many underground cities located in Göreme, but this might be the best one. It is a full underground city that was constructed hundreds of years ago and although its discovery is still ongoing, most of what has been found is open to visitors.

underground city - tomas-tuma-bJX-e8iPlMY-unsplash


Ihlara Valley

Last but not least, if you happen to have an extra day and a car, this is the perfect program to add to your list. Ihlara Valley is a massive hiking valley with a tiny river running through the middle where you can rest and cool down if needed. It was used as a retreat by monks, therefore there are hundreds of cave churches you can look at. There is also a café and a praying cave. Although you have to be ready to get down to the valley and back up to your car, you have to take more than 200 steps which will be tiring.



Programs for the last day

Three programs you cannot miss out on are hot air balloons, ATV tours, and hikes. All are very easy to book as almost every street has a tour agency office and all hotels work with companies who provide all of them, so the hotel will ask you if you have booked one already and if not they are more than happy to help you.

Hot air balloons are very popular as they are a very aesthetic occurrence, but they are very expensive. Each morning during sunrise, hundreds of balloons take off for an approximately 2-hour flight around the area. If you are not into heights, I still recommend getting up early at least once to see them as they do look magical.

balloons (1)


ATV tours on the other hand are a must if you go to Cappadocia. If you are above the age of 8, you can book a place in a group session that includes 20 other people or a private one with an instructor. They teach you how to drive an ATV and take you to ride around places like the fairy chimneys, the lovers hill and many others. The people organizing these tours are not guides, but if you ask them to tell you about a place, they will be eager to explain the history and tell some stories about it.

Finish your stay in Cappadocia with a breath-taking sunset view. To find it you can go on a hike in either the Rose or the Red Valley. Both include nice rock formations and nice high spots where you can watch the sunset and relax.

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