Adela Kuci

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest international s

tudent of them all?” were the echoing thoughts of the 11 beautiful contestants backstage in the make-up room, minutes before the beauty show started. Emotions, fake smiles and gorgeou

s dresses filled the room.

On March 14 a beauty

contest organized by the International Club Tour, a company owned and managed by some international students in Budapest took place for the secondtime. This year there were eleven specifically pre-selected women, not just by their beauty, but perhaps more importantly, for their integrity and intelligence.

Eleven beautiful students embraced their task to represent their nationality and college or university with finesse and confidence. The candidates were from diverse backgrounds, covering all fields of study, from future businesswomen, to politicia

ns, or doctors, these pretty ladies are considered the beauty of the student society in the city, and each of them were proud to take part in it. Our school, McDaniel College, was represented by me, an Albanian student majoring in Political Science and International Studies, with a minor in Economics.

The night went on with lots of champagne to calm dow

n the nerves, the smell of hairspray in the air, gorgeous dresses sponsored by Brazia. It was a great event managed by ICT, who took great care of all the girls, treating them with utmost respect, as a crowd full of international students cheered for their favorites.

The first place went to Szandra Guoth, a masters student at the University of Szeged, the second place was won by me (Adela Kuci from McDaniel, for those who are too lazy to see who’s the author of this article), and the third place went to Marina Hryshchenko student at BGF-KKFK Budapest Business school.

For the girls, even those who did not receive any title or prize, it was a very pleasant experience, where we all got to bond closer with each other. After all, it was our evening, we were 11 queens that reigned throughout the night, and that was truly amazing.

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