The McDaniel College Budapest Psychology Club is born

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It all started with an impromptu discussion on a bench in the school’s garden between three psychology students who wanted to take their learning experience in McDaniel College Budapest to the next level. After a couple of meetings with the Head of Students Affairs, Dr. Adamson, and a green light from Dean Frenyó, the McDaniel College Budapest Psychology Club was born.

As is stated in the club’s constitution, the club’s first mission will be to “organize psychology major-related events and trips, help students with their studies, and find internships and volunteering opportunities” (Article II). The events will include workshops, whereby students from all majors are introduced to psychology-related topics, as well as conferences to which important figures from the field of psychology will be invited. As for the trips, the plan is to get psychology students to visit institutions such as mental health hospitals and research institutions, in Budapest and abroad. These trips will allow students to get closer to where they might apply for internships or work after graduating.

Membership is open to all students of McDaniel College. This means that main campus students can be members during their semester or year in the Budapest Campus. As for the officers, they will be elected during the General Meeting that will be held at the beginning of every semester. For now, the club is managed by the co-founding board (Arina Zasypkina from Russia, Anna Greta Kalmár from Hungary and Youmna Benmaymoun from Morocco) but, starting from next semester, a call for officers’ elections will be made at the beginning of the semester.

The first meeting is going to take place Tuesday, November 17. All students are invited to join. “If you discover that there is something tightening you inside, you better learn more about it. And the Psychology Club is one way to do that,” says Dixit Arina Zasypkina, one of the founding members. So if you are reading this article, join us in discovering more about ourselves and the world around us.


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