We love migrants parts: let’s get it started in here!



For the past several months, Hungary has been at the forefront of the immigration topic. With an anti-immigration Prime Minister and extremist right wing parties, Hungary is positioned in a difficult situation. Be it a country of destination or transit, migrants can be found here and some of them are really happy to live on this territory. Let’s celebrate together, Hungarians and migrants, the love we have for everybody.


Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister, has made several statements about migrants, refugees, economic migrants and even democracy. We do not really understand what he means by all of his ideas, but this gives us another reason to party and have fun. The percentage of migrants living in Hungary is just 1.4%, including refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants. The European values are not very much present in Hungary, where racism, inequality and discrimination are still present.

“While I am PM, Hungary will definitely not become an immigration destination. We don’t want to see significantly sized minorities with different cultural characteristics and backgrounds among us. We want to keep Hungary as Hungary”, Orbán is quoted as saying by EUObserver.


            Let’s not get distracted by his statements and concentrate on the next party! The Hungarian Parliament is organizing a debate on immigration, which will take place on Friday, February 20th. Maybe Friday 13th would have been a better idea, but let’s be serious, I suppose this is the best way to start the weekend according to them. However, there are people who have even more creative imagination and organize a party, the day before, on Thursday 19th in Aurora.

Nobody is illegal will be the main motto of the party. Come and have fun with us and spread the love! February is meant to be the love month, isn’t it?

Aurora is a new fun place in Budapest. Many human rights activists, migrant lovers and fun people are gathering to have a drink and play entertaining games or discuss the positive aspects of living in a globalized society, everyday, for any kind of occasions. The place is situated on the street named the same way, and can be found by the wise people, as it is a bit hidden. Let’s see how wise you are and if you can find us on Thursday! Music, fun, great people will welcome you!


For more information, you can visit Aurora’s Facebook page:



To have easier access to the event page, please click here:



If you wonder who are some people who will be there, be sure to visit Migrant Solidarity Group’s Facebook page, they will be there to spread the love!




Aurora’s Address:

Aurora utca 11

7th District

(just ring the bell)

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