Knowing Your Classmates

By Ruth Odusami

Knowing your classmates is not a big deal though sometimes, it can be challenging. You will enjoy your studies much more if you interact well with your classmates. Not all your classmates are going to be your friend nor should you treat them as friends but treat them all with respect as you might one way or another still need them. Friendship can still grow but be careful how you disclose your personal information to them because they could be careless about it. Do not force a friendship. Your classmates are remarkable people so get to know them. Try as much as you can to meet new people as you will not regret it. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Below are some questions that came across my mind and answers to them.

Question: How do I get my classmates to start noticing me?

Answer: To get your classmates to notice you try to be interesting. It is also necessary to show interest in others i.e. your classmates. If you are interested in others you are sure to make new friends and by so doing you will get noticeable.

Question: what help can I get from my classmates?

Answer: your classmates are an excellent source of information. Some people are very nice and they will give you their numbers if you ask and when you do ensure you call them to get information when you miss class or when you are to work together on a group project but don’t abuse this right.

Question: can I choose my friends from my classmates?

Answer: yes of course you can choose your friends from your classmates but when you do be careful, trust your gut and your personal feelings in order to figure out whether they are going to be a friend or not. Don’t force friendship, if you feel that this person who sits next to you is going to just be a classmate, please leave them at that.

Question: what do I do if I feel uncomfortable with the person sitting next to me?


Answer: you are not obligated to sit next to anyone. You do not have to sit next to the same person in every class. You can sit where you feel comfortable; you can change your seat whenever you want to. If you happen to be sitting next to somebody whom you feel very uncomfortable with or somebody you can’t stand at all, you can change your seat in a nice way.


Question: do I need to know all my classmates?


Answer: introduce yourself to your classmates, try as much as possible as you will need them at one point or another. Your classmates are remarkable people so get to know them do not miss the opportunity to know them.

Getting to know your classmates is one of the best ways to get adjusted to school. Your classmates are individuals with special talents, interests and backgrounds. When you get to know someone in your class, it gives you the opportunity to have someone to study with or if you miss class you might be able to arrange with them to photocopy the notes from the missed class. Talking with your classmates giv

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