Is Cristiano Ronaldo really sad with Real Madrid?

by Lorincz Miklos

The most valuable football player of the world (Real Madrid paid €94 Million for Ronaldo to Manchester United) is upset in his team, and people are just guessing if he wants to leave Madrid.

What can be the reason for a well paid football star (€12 Million each year) to be unhappy in one of the most famous football teams of the world, where he won the Spanish Championship last season?

In the beginning of the season in Spain, Real Madrid started with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses  while the big rival Barcelona won all the 4 matches, Ronaldo did not play well, could not score, and even if he scored he did not celebrate how he used to.

We can hear different versions of why Ronaldo is sad from other football stars, tennis coaches, club owners, and also from the fans. Some of these stories stand as possible reasons for his sadness, but some of them are just unbelievable.

´If he could accept that he is not the best player in the world, maybe he would not be sad. There are some players, for example Leo Messi, who is better than him, and if he  would understand this, he would not play under the pressure, to be the best’  said Toni Nadal, uncle and coach of Rafa Nadal, the well known tennis player.

Roberto Carlos, the famous brazil footballer, who was a defender in Real Madrid between 1996 and 2007 has another opinion: ‘He is confused because of Andres Iniesta who was selected the ‘Best player in Europe’ this year. He should not care about it, just play, and even if he does not want to celebrate his goals, the supporters will celebrate him.

Some people think that he is confused and sad because of a potential offer from Paris Saint-Germain, whose new owners really would like to sign Ronaldo. Nasszer al-Kelaifi, the chairman of PSG confessed that he called Ronaldo, but surely this is not the real reason.

So what could it be? Of course, the fans of Real Madrid, and fans of FC Barcelona have different views:

The Barcelona fans say:

-          ‘For Ronaldo it is unbearable that he cannot score goals and lose matches. When they will win, and he scores, he will be as stuck-up as before..

-          ‘..really no idea, but I hope he will play in the future like this..

-          ‘..surely that he can not win the matches for his team…

-          ‘he cannot really tolerate that he was not selected to be the best in Europe..’


-          The Real Madrid fans, on the other hand, are saying: Because of PSG! I am sure he does not want to leave Madrid, and he is confused because of the transfer whispers..’

-          ‘cause of the dissension in the team. That would be Mourinho’s job to create the cohesion again in the team..’

-          ’probably because of the scores. When we will start to win the matches, he will be happier!’


So there are many different opinions, maybe one of them is true, maybe not. However since they started winning again he seems happier, he celebrates his goals, and people do not think that he is upset.  But we still cannot know for sure just how sad he really is.

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