Interview with Zsófia Gorombei

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By Angelica Stickle

Zsófia Gorombei is an artist and an Interior Designer. She studied Architecture at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. She teaches design classes at McDaniel College Budapest.

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Q: How did the pandemic affect you?

“I felt the biggest change in teaching. I was a bit panicky in the beginning because I was teaching design. I had a good experience with this though. Usually, We worked on projects and by the end of the lesson which would be three hours long they would end up with the results I liked and when we went online it had to change. So, I decided to give an assignment for one week. What was different is that people got so immense in their projects that the results were amazing. Everyone worked hard for their projects. So it was panicky and difficult in beginning but it worked out in the end. So, I’m planning to give an exhibition in the fall semester.

Other than teaching I gained a lot of time. I was stuck at home and part of my work is sitting at my desk and making pieces. Before, I had to make time. Now, I had all the time. It was a bit lonelier too, but I used this time to get ahead with my work. As far as the interior design was concern it was funny. I had a long-term project that I was working on in the past years. It’s a newly built home and I had to design the layout of the flat. It had to be built first and now it is finished. The couple was meant to move in at early march but obviously was not possible. They stopped for a while but then they continued. So, I was sending plans and they were oking them. The factories shut down and the products from abroad were unable to be obtained so there were serious delays. It was exciting and I got to be friends with the couple.”

Q: How do you think other artists will be affected by Coronavirus?

“It’s very interesting cause I visited an art gallery not so long ago. They usually show old paintings and not contemporary art but this time it was full of new pieces. And it’s exciting to see how artists and painters and how they interpret this virus period. It brought a big change I don’t think it will be the same. A lot of people I talk to say they are reconsidering their life. A lot of people, me included, had to travel a lot to work and now we didn’t have to do that. You reconsider your friendships and relationships. And me with productivity. I’m sure it’s not going to be the same and I hope it’s not going to be the same. I think, we got this virus to stop and think for a while about how we are destroying the environment, the people we ignore around us, now your force to pay attention. I hope, we learn from the lessons from this.”

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Q: What are your thoughts on the virtual exhibits?

“I prefer to go in person. I understand, due to the situation and I appreciate it. I’m sure you have been to art galleries and nothing compares to going in person. We have the Night of the Museums where you can go around all the museums in Budapest for the whole night. I went with a friend and the first museum was enjoying a lot but at eh second one was fed up with what I have seen. I was filled with the atmosphere of the whole thing. When you step into the art gallery you step into a different world and then you step back into the night and the crowds and then you step into another world. And I could not take so much. cause I’m full of what I’ve seen. It’s like seeing the louvre in one day. Nothing compares to seeing it in person.”


You can see and buy her art at her website,

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